Top Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Moving is not the most fun activity you can undertake. This is especially true when moving in and out of a dorm every semester. It often seems like as soon as you get moved in, you are moving out again. While no one can make the number of times you have to move decrease, there are some tips of mistakes you should avoid that can help.

Many of us like to collect and hold on to items. You may find it hard to let go of that coaster from the restaurant where you met your best friend. While you may not be a hoarder, you may keep more than you throw away. Before you pack anything, you should consider if you really need or want that item. Do not just put it in the box and carry it to another location. You should make a conscious decision about keeping it or not. Things may seem important to you, but that does not mean you want them moving to college with you.

Do not wait until the last minute. You may have other things that feel more important like hanging out with your friends or getting last-minute class notes, but you are going to have to pack eventually. The earlier you start, even when you do not want to, the easier it will be to complete your packing without feeling completely stressed and overwhelmed.

Do not forget to label your boxes. You want to have some idea of what is in them, especially if you are not able to unpack your boxes right away. You do not want to have to rip open every box just to find some clothes or a toothbrush. You can pack a separate bag that has all the items you would need for a long weekend. This way you can have immediate access to all your necessary items, like medication, pajamas, water, cosmetics, and all other necessities.

Do not forget to take an inventory of your items. Depending on how many items you are moving and how far they are gone, this might be important. While you want to put something on the outside of the box to indicate what is in it, you want to keep a list of all the items and where they are located. You could put a number on the box and then list out all the items on a piece of paper that belongs to the box with that number. This also helps you be sure that you are not leaving anything behind.