Top 5 Expert Tips For Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets exist for their usefulness, but you should also pay attention to how it looks. The kitchen is the heart of every home, and having dull or outdated cabinets can adversely affect the appeal and ambiance of the space.

Fortunately, you can follow various hacks to paint your kitchen cabinets easily. This project doesn’t require years of experience or tons of equipment, but can significantly change the look of your kitchen cabinets and the overall mood of your kitchen. You can, of course, hire professional painters in Overland Park if you’re in Kansas City to save yourself from all the hassle, but by following the DIY tips presented below, you can have kitchen cabinets that look like they’re painted by pros!

1. Prep The Cabinets Properly

You can trick your guests and family into thinking that you hired professional contractors from your city when you prep the cabinets before painting them. Prepping your kitchen cabinets is just as important as painting them, so never skip this step.

Before you buy any cans of paint or brushes, prepare your kitchen cabinets. Here are some things you can do:

  • Empty all of your kitchen cabinets and spend time cleaning them thoroughly. Kitchen cabinets that are free from dirt and grease hold paint better and longer.
  • Remove hardware, such as handles and knobs. While you’re at it, check hinges and make sure that everything is working properly.
  • Remove drawers and label them properly so you won’t have any problems returning them later.
  • Tape off areas where you don’t want to get any paint, namely countertops and appliances.
  • Sand cabinets to create a nice smooth finish. A 220 sandpaper works best for stained cabinets, while 120-grade sandpaper is ideal for cabinets with rough stipple.

2. Apply A Primer

After prepping your kitchen cabinets, it’s now time to apply primer. This process is crucial because priming covers imperfections and creates a suitable surface for the paint to stick.

With the number of primers available today, you need to be very careful in choosing. All-in-one primers are conveniently sold almost anywhere, but these products are often expensive and may do the job poorly. Instead, you can select oil primer and paint adhesion as these provide better and longer results on kitchen cabinets.

You can also try water-soluble primers as these block stains, seal porous surfaces, and provide a mold-resistant finish. However, keep in mind that water-soluble primers dry quickly. You might need to use an extender so you’ll have more time to apply a nice finish without any brush marks.

3. Use The Best Paint

Choose The Best Paint

Your kitchen cabinets will require a specific type of paint. Everyday wall paint isn’t suitable for kitchen cabinets as it will eventually chip and won’t endure frequent cleaning.

Alkyd enamel paint is the best option for kitchen cabinets. This type of paint levels beautifully, which means that it will not leave any brush strokes on your kitchen cabinet.

Unlike other paints, alkyd enamel paint also dries to a durable finish and doesn’t require a topcoat. This will enable you to save money as you’ll need lesser products to paint your kitchen cabinets.

4. Pick Colors Carefully

The colors of your kitchen cabinets can make or break the ambiance of the space, so choose carefully. The right colors can make your kitchen feel larger and look brighter, which can eventually improve the mood of the people who will spend time in it.

Consider the following when picking colors for your kitchen cabinets:

  • Size of your kitchen: Generally, if you have a small kitchen, painting your cabinets with bright colors is ideal. If you have a well-lit and large kitchen, dark colors will work best.
  • Duration of stay: If you’re planning to sell your home in the future, think less about your color preferences and consider what potential homebuyers would like. Kitchen cabinets painted in neutral shades, such as white, brown, and gray, appeal to the masses better.
  • Style of your kitchen: The style of your kitchen will help you pick the right paint color. For example, kitchen cabinets in classic colors, like white or cream, will complement traditionally styled kitchens. If you have shaker style kitchen, bright whites and subdued creams are better options for your kitchen cabinets. For modern or contemporary style kitchens, choose contrasting tones and bright colors.
  • Color of your walls: You should choose a color that complements your existing wall colors to create a cohesive and polished look. You can use a color wheel to determine which colors complement each other.
  • The mood you want to create: The colors you choose for your kitchen cabinets can affect a person’s mood. So, if you want to create a calm and relaxed mood in your kitchen, opt to use light blue for your kitchen cabinets. If you want to create a dramatic, sophisticated mood, paint your kitchen cabinets in black.

5. Apply Light Coats Of Paint

Painting your kitchen cabinets will not only require you to pick the right primer or paint, but you also need to apply the paint correctly. This will ensure that you’ll have kitchen cabinets that are smooth and shiny.

Applying too heavy coats will cause the paint to drip and leave visible drip marks. When this happens, you might have to sand and repaint the area. Aside from being time-consuming and costly, this will create a discoloration, which can be visible once your kitchen cabinets dry.

Moreover, when using low-nap rollers, don’t pick up a lot of paint at a time as it will only squish out once it comes in contact with the cabinet. This leaves a speckled or stippled finish, which might also require you to sand and repaint the area.

Applying light coats of paint is the best way to go when painting kitchen cabinets. The thinner the coat you apply to the surface, the better results you’ll have.

It’s Easy When You Know How

As you can see, painting kitchen cabinets is an achievable task. Even if this is your first time taking on this project, you can still end up with the best results as long as you follow the right tips.