11 Kitchens That Prove The Timeless Appeal Of Blue Cabinets

If you’ve decided to change the shape of your kitchen this year, painting your cabinets a new color such as blue is a great and relatively less refreshing way to go. However, choosing just the right warehouse can be a challenge. Maybe you want to baffle with the classic appearance, all-white, but even the Maximalist 2022 kitchen trend doesn’t feel your taste. A blue kitchen cabinet inserts one of the most flexible and time-tested ways to provide serious stars to your cooking room.

There’s no doubt that color is having a moment: Benjamin Moore names soothing shade Azion Tal in her 2021 shades; A year ago, Pantone named Classic Blue as the Everywhere Shadow. But unlike the other colors he sees you here, Lavender Digital, Blue has long been seen as a classic and is a color that can be extended up or down for all styles you want. That’s your midnight snackers; the color blue also has the benefit of being less hungry. Blue can be neutral, says Jessica Davis, founder of Atlanta & South Orange, a New Jersey-based company, Atelier Davis. Think of it like jeans.

Recently in one of Davis’ latest projects, a recovery of a Joseph Eichler House classic in California with architect Gustav Carlson will be designed at Farrow & Ball in the Kitchen in Foley & Ball’s Steely Hague Blue. But it depends on your unique situation and lighting space; you can choose to go for Yves Electric-inspired blue, rich blue-green, in our opinion, almost non-existent, most color trends or two are good. There are trends. To complete your blue kitchen, Davis recommends accenting kitchen cabinets with a blue surface on a terrazzo floor or a marble table. From there, he would compare the coolness of blue with warmer colors such as a yellow oven or canary hot.

Are you looking for a beautiful cabinet design that enhances the appearance of your kitchen and makes it more modern and fashionable? Here you will find some extraordinary ideas for your kitchen cabinet. Blue cabinetry is one of the most popular trends in kitchen closets and can be seen in some creative kitchen designs. Colors like blue are very attractive, so there are also minimal colors that tend to be the most; I can see why this is a popular choice, as it can help add multiple classes to cookies or spheres that Can help with feeling drowsy. To make it easier for you to choose the right warehouse for your home and kitchen, we have arranged 10 best blue kitchen cabinet options.


Jean-Louis Daniel embodies the Tintin craze in his vacation home off the French coast. The kitchen, custom blue cabinetry—there’s no flashy place to run a window like a clean-cotton, accents in cream trim, and the vintage box floor.


Designer Jessica Davis and architect Gustav Carlson first gave a new life to the classic California house designed by Joseph Eichler in the 1970s. Her intervention includes pleasant color surprises, including a bright blue island and cabinets in the kitchen.


Why not combine them if you’re on the fence about painting your wardrobe blue or green? Peripheral Debutante Design Company depicts a deep chateau, a warehouse with kitchen cabinetry that helps take back the green of the surrounding countryside.


The beauty of blue cabinetry is that the color also complements a spectrum of wonderful materials, from wood to terrazzo, the material of choice here in a blazing MCOD architect and interior designer in a fine vacation home designed by Nahem.


This is a total classic duck-a-blue in kitchen cabinetry, and this is one of the prettiest examples. In Washington, NIWAS, DC, designer Zoe Feldman chose a shade inspired by Victorian Homes, Farrow & Ball’s Card Room Green.


If you have stainless steel appliances, a light blue with a gray tone is the way for you. Here, designer Alison Palewski chose a barely-there blue warehouse, which appeared in Big House, California, to contrast the Viking stove and hanging pot cabinets.


Well, technically not the kitchen an area that once belonged to the Hamptons home—but many of the lessons learned here are from designer Poonam Khanna. She has vibrant blue cabinetry from floor-to-ceiling in Philipsburg Blue by Benjamin Moore and leaning into her Crayola lighting with a set of bright yellow chairs.


To create and invigorate a fresh space, your kitchen doesn’t need to be anything white. Casing in the Case: For this kitchen in a Hampton house, designer Doon Curry chose sky blues for the soft chocolate cabinetry and marble for the island and backsplash. This is a great idea for us.

Go Light and Airy:

Bright colors will attract anyone. Similarly, the light blue color is wonderful. This is a great example of how you can usually light up a room using drama and depth of color. Using a light blue cabinet in your kitchen will look extravagant and attractive. Luckily, blue is a color that comes in different shades, and you certainly aren’t forced to stick to navy or cobalt in your kitchen.

Using a Blue and Wood Tone Mixture:

With the contrast of blue and wood, the space is eternal, but often rather later than black and white, while the edges of the ball and micro curves are reverted to a very hyd orgas. The combination of wood and blue will make your kitchen look more sophisticated. However, this blue cabinet in the kitchen offers a different shape and vibe concerning Danish or Nordic influences.

Blueish Cabinetry Kitchen:

This restaurant displays a timepiece with a special artificial cabinet and a smoke mirror panel with a bright blue lining. The honed floor of the Thesis is made of marble and Atlantic blue marble shades.

The kitchen in this 1970s look is given a cool appearance with the help of a cast glass counter and vintage benches. It combines vintage items and contemporary designs by the Haynes and Kevin Roberts team at Bridgehampton House.