7 Features Every Great Microwave Should Have

In the world of seemingly infinite technological advancements, many household appliances now come with a whole host of new features. If you find the sheer amount of microwave features daunting or confusing, read on for the top 7 features that every great microwave should have. 

1. Adaptable Power Setting

The effect of such a feature is two-fold. Not only will an adjustable power setting allow you to reduce or increase power depending on the item being microwaved, thus ensuring it is cooked according to its specifications, but it also will allow you to regulate your energy consumption. In other words, you will be able to ensure that it only uses the power that it needs at any given time, which in turn improves energy efficiency. 

2. Additional Cooking Features 

Firstly, identify what you would preferably want your microwave to do, which will allow you to determine which type of microwave is best for you. This is important because there are several different types of microwaves, such as solo microwaves, combination microwaves, and microwaves with a grill. The microwave you choose should have the most appropriate cooking features to meet your personal needs. 

3. Child Lock

As with all electric devices or hot food, microwaves can pose a danger to children. In fact, one study found that 9% of pediatric burns unit patients’ injuries are due to handling hot food from a microwave. Despite this, microwaves are often overlooked as something that needs to be child-proofed. With this in mind, a microwave with a child lock is essential – so much so that child safety doors will be required on new microwaves from March 2023. 

4. Pre-programmed Cooking Settings

Many modern microwaves will have a selection of settings that are pre-programmed into the device. This allows the user to simply select the type and weight of the food that will be cooked, and it will be cooked for the optimum time with all the optimal settings. This can be a huge time-saver, especially for those midweek meals. 

5. Defrost Mode

We have all been there, you froze leftover food or ingredients so as to not waste it – but, when you come to use it, you realise you have forgotten to leave it out to defrost beforehand. In times like these, a microwave with a defrost setting can be invaluable. With the simple press of a few buttons, you can defrost your ingredients ready to cook a delicious meal in a matter of minutes

6. Easy-to-follow Control Panel

Another feature you should look out for when getting a microwave is the ease of usage. A great microwave should be intuitive, and its controls easy to understand. Whether you opt for a high-tech touchscreen, or the traditional buttons and dials, try it out to make sure it’s as hassle-free as possible.  Also Read – Curated Kitchen: How to Install Kitchen Cabinets

7. Warranty After Purchase or Installation

Last, but certainly not least – and the outlier in this list – all great microwaves should come with a manufacturer’s warranty. A warranty can give you peace of mind that the brand is reliable. It also ensures that, if anything were to happen, you won’t be left out of pocket. 

And there you have it – 7 features every great microwave should have. When looking for your next microwave, bear these features in mind before making your purchase.