Shaker Cabinet Doors: What Makes Them a Perfect Match for a Modern Kitchen

Shaker cabinets have become an integral part of a modern kitchen. These cabinets are simple, offer good storage space, and are aesthetically pleasing. Shaker cabinet doors are recessed panel doors with clean inside and outside edges. They use frame and panel techniques to make them and have a simple design.

Here are a few reasons that make shaker kitchen doors a perfect match for a modern kitchen.


Are you working on a tight budget? No Problem. Shaker kitchen doors can decorate your kitchen without breaking your bank. They can provide a modern look to your kitchen while fitting into most homeowners’ budgets. Affordability is why most people opt for shaker cabinet doors while renovating their kitchen.


They make the shaker kitchen door from a sturdy MDF base. And finish it with a 5-piece PVC wrap. No doubt, these cabinet doors are built to last. If you compare the materials of other kitchen cabinet doors with shaker kitchen doors, you will find that shaker doors are the most durable doors available in the market.

These cabinets’ doors can withstand the average moisture built in the kitchen. They can also survive spills and typical bangs and knocks in the kitchen. So if you are looking for stylish and durable cabinet doors for your kitchen, shaker kitchen doors are perfect for you.

Combination of Modern and Traditional

While you may want your kitchen to look modern in style, you may also want to retain some traditional look. The shaker kitchen doors offer a combination of modern and classic looks, and you can have them both when you go for shaker kitchen doors.

With a shaker kitchen door, you get a classy and modern design to your kitchen with a sense of traditionalism. Another reason for many house owners opting for shaker kitchen doors is that they offer a nice balance. They do not look old-fashioned, nor do they look incredibly modern.

The Color and Pattern Choice

There is no limit to finding colors and patterns in shaker kitchen doors. The twenty-plus color options available in shaker kitchen doors can be pretty overwhelming. The broader choice of colors helps when you look for that perfect shade for kitchen cabinet doors that can match your home décor.

Different Wood Types

Shaker kitchen doors are made of different woods. Some of the wood types available are

  • Alder – is the softest wood in the hardwood family. In addition, it has a bending strength of 9800 PSI which makes it pliable. These properties make Alder perfect for cabinetry and decorative furniture inside the home.
  • Cherry – is the most prized hardwood in the world of furniture. The Cherry wood is smooth-grained and reddish-brown. It comes from a black cherry fruit tree in the US.
  • Hickory – the hickory wood is an excellent combination of hardness, toughness, stiffness, and strength. For example, the cabinet doors made of hickory wood are dense, stiff, and shock-resistant.
  • Knotty Alder – the Knotty alder wood has a straight grain pattern, and its coloring is similar to Cherry wood. You can get knotty alder wood cabinet doors with light honey color to a reddish-brown hue. The prevalence of knots in the wood gives it a rustic and informal appearance.
  • Knotty Hickory – the knotty Hickory is a medium textured wood with a distinct two-toned appearance. The Hickory’s light sapwood contrasting against the dark heartwood gives the cabinet door a dramatic effect. In addition, the Knotty Hickory has small worm tracks, sound knots, and other grain anomalies.
  • Knotty Oak – is an excellent alternative to plain wood selection. The Knotty Oak has a natural and lively appearance in the wood species. The cabinet doors made of Knotty Oak have a distinctive appearance, and the wood gives your cabinet doors a unique character.

Available in Varying Heights and Widths

The shaker kitchen doors are available in varying widths and heights. For example, you can get a shaker kitchen door with a minimum width of 3/4″ and maximum width of 48″. Similarly, you can get a kitchen door with a minimum height of 5 5/8″ and a maximum height of 60″. It means no matter the size of the shaker cabinet, you will always get a perfect-fitting shaker kitchen cabinet door for your kitchen cabinets. Also Read – Expert Tips For Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Variety of Finishes

The shaker kitchen cabinet doors are available in various finishes, including “No Finish” and “Natural Clear Finish.” You can also get shaker kitchen cabinet doors with a paint-grade finish for your kitchen. The paint-grade finish cabinet doors are painted with Sher-Wood Kemvar Plus Conversion Varnish, which is known to have superior quality.

Some of the paint grade options you get are Reflective White, Antique White, Dover White, Quicksilver, Sea Salt, Light French Gray, Evergreen Fog, Rocky River, Folkstone, Cascades, and Black.

These few things make shaker cabinet doors perfect for your modern kitchen.