3 Tips To Maximize Space in Your Small Kitchen

Increasingly, the most valuable aspect of real estate is square footage. If you’re like most people, you’re living in much less space than you would like. Nowhere is that more frustrating than in the kitchen. No room houses as many items and gadgets as the kitchen. Additionally, this is a room that must provide enough space to prepare and cook meals for the family. You may not be able to pack up and move to a larger home, but you can use a few tricks and techniques to maximize the space you have.

Make It Mobile

You can gain amenities that you might not think possible by making them moveable. Especially a small can use a multi-tasking island and a pantry. But where will you find the space? Mobile solutions exist but they can be pricey. With a rigid caster wheel, you can transform an inexpensive microwave cart into a rolling island that can be pulled out when you need more prep space and tucked next to the wall when you’re done.  Similarly, you can transform a slender bookcase into a rolling pantry shelf that slides perfectly into that unused space next to your fridge.

Go Verticle

Floor space and counter space are limited in a small kitchen, but verticle space often goes unused. Simple cube storage units from the local big box store can be a real space saver. A tower of twelve by twelve cubes stacked on top of each other in a corner of the kitchen or even on a counter will only take up a single square foot of space. You can use them for open dish storage or to keep your kitchen gadgets off of the counter. Likewise, a tall over-the-sink shelf will give you a space to store dish soap, dish scrubbers or even a decorative plant or two.

Hang It Up

In a small kitchen, cabinet space is limited. Save room by hanging pans and utensils instead. A row of hooks over the stove can provide a spot for all your spoons and spatulas. Under-cabinet hooks can create a space for all your mugs and teacups. An inexpensive hanging rack can accommodate all your pots and pans freeing up an entire cabinet for other uses.

With a little ingenuity and an open mind, you can find ways to maximize your kitchen space. Think about taking advantage of mobility, verticle space and wall space to get the organized and peaceful kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.