Benefits of Composite Fencing

Whether you have just purchased a new home or you have had your home for a while, you may be considering upgrading your landscaping. One aspect of your landscaping is your fencing. However, you may not know what type of fence to install. You want a fence that is durable and looks great, but you may not want extensive yearly maintenance, and you may have environmental factors that may affect your fencing’s lifespan. These are some benefits of working with composite fencing Texas.

Green Structure

Composite fencing is often made with up to 100% recycled materials. It is a mix of recycled wood and plastic, creating a dense compound. Used grocery bags, shrink wrap and other plastics that would end up in landfills are given a new purpose.

Low Maintenance

Wood fences require regular maintenance. For example, you may have to sand or pressure wash it and stain or preserve it every few years. Boards and hardware may also need replaced regularly. Not only is this a lot of work, but it can be expensive and may leach chemicals into your land.

Composite fencing can be sprayed down and dried to clean it off. For heavy cleaning, you may require soap and a soft-bristle brush to clean. You also don’t have to protect composite fencing against UV rays, insects. Although this fencing is naturally resistant to environmental factors, leaves and organic materials should be removed from your fence regularly to further prevent mold.

Extended Lifespan

Composite fencing is made to last up to 30 years or longer. Because of its composition, recycled wood and plastic, this fencing is strong and durable. It does not typically fade and has substantial rigidity, which protects it from many types of damage a wood fence may succumb to. Due to its resistant to many things wood fencing is not, such as weather and pests, the lifespan of this fencing is extended. The plastic in its composition creates a protective layer on the outside of the fencing material.

Looks Great

As it ages, wood fencing becomes gray and starts to crack and break off. This can make your barrier look unattractive. This is especially true if you don’t keep up on your maintenance. Any repairs or replacements to your existing wood fence are also evident because the wood color and texture is different.

Composite fencing can look similar to wood, stone or other materials, and it keeps this look throughout its lifespan. In addition, you can choose the color and design from numerous options. For example, if you choose property barriers that looks like wood, you can choose a natural or various stained wood colors.

If you are looking to upgrade your fencing, consider investigating composite fencing.