The Insider’s Guide To Creating A Stunning & Welcoming Dining Area

A dining table is not just a piece of furniture to sit around; it actually supports the ambiance you are trying to create for your guests and most importantly it’s the space where you can have a wholesome dinner with friends and family and create lasting memories. With the right table setting, you can make them feel relaxed, comfortable, and at ease.

Moreover, these days, taking pictures of great-looking food for Instagram is inevitable. So aside from preparing scrumptious meals, you need to make sure that your dining setup itself is top-notch. Read on to know more about how to set up a table for your guests.

Consider Your Occasion

Your dining table decoration will largely depend on the occasion at hand. If you’re throwing a BBQ party for friends and family, maybe you should get something casual and informal. If you’re throwing a dinner party to impress your boss, then get something sophisticated.

You can also check if there is a theme. For example, if the party is a Pirates theme, it’s best to stick to navy and black. Also, you can add some pirate-themed items such as swords and pirate flags

Choose Your Dinnerware

The dinnerware has an immense influence on the basic appearance of your table.

While the color and design of dinnerware are important, the material of the dish is also crucial because it determines how it will interact with food. There are many options you can choose from – like glass dishes, ceramic plates and porcelain dishes.

Consider The Setting

Most of the time when we talk about table setting, we assume things need to be done formally. This isn’t always the case! Furthermore, as discussed in point 1, this is dependent on the type of event or occasion– you wouldn’t have a casual set up at a business dinner, would you?

Bring Color

Bringing in pops of color to a table is a way to bring life into the dining area. One can achieve this by picking up some new dinnerware of a bold color or even accessorizing with coordinating napkins and cloth of a different color.

Don’t Discount The Centerpiece

The centerpiece is the highlight of the entire dining setup. It can be anything, including flowers or candles, for example, or even sculptures. The purpose of using the centerpiece is to set the tone and tenor for the ambiance you’re trying to create.
However, one thing to note is that whatever your centerpiece for your dining table is, you absolutely must make sure that it does not block the view of your guests.

Add In A Cozy Rug

Setting up the bottom of your table is just as important as setting up the top! If you have a beautiful pristine dining set up, but your hardwood floors are cold as ice, your guest will not be comfortable.

Place a rug beneath the table to add warmth and complement your design aesthetic.

Be Serve Ready

Don’t wait around for guests to ask you for something. Instead, have it all ready. If you have guests over for dinner, you want them and yourself to have a great time, and that will not be possible if you are around the house and kitchen fetching them the things they need. So if you are serving salads, go ahead and have a salad bowl ready. Don’t forget the butter for the bread! If you are serving champagne, don’t forget to buy long-stem glasses.


So what do you think? Are you ready to set up your special and unique dining table now? No matter the occasion – birthday, Valentine’s Day, or thanksgiving – you can always make it special and interesting for your guests.