How to Add Character to Your Home

Your home should be more than a place where you lay your head at night. It should be a place where you feel safe, comfortable, and free to be yourself. And adding a little character to your surroundings is a great way to cultivate that atmosphere.

The good news is that you don’t need to break the bank or commit to major renovations to add personality to your home. You can get started with these simple tips.

1. Change the Color Scheme

One of the quickest ways to transform any space is to change up the color scheme. Whether this means repainting the entire room or adding some strategically placed accents, you have plenty of options for using color to express your tastes.

You can even tailor your use of color to the kind of atmosphere you want to cultivate.

Different colors have documented effects on our moods, thoughts, and behaviors. Reds tend to be stimulating; blues tend to be calming, and so on. Brushing up on your basic color theory will help you figure out zero in on what hues will best complement the purpose of a given room.

2. Add Open Shelving Space

You tend to see open shelving used a lot in kitchens. Not only is it practical, adding extra storage where a full-sized cabinet wouldn’t fit, but it adds a bit of coziness to your cooking space. And you can achieve the same effect in any room where you have an abundance of blank wall space.

Adding open shelves decorated with plants and greenery will make your dining room or breakfast nook feel more alive and welcoming. And shelves displaying collectibles or treasured mementos in your media or living rooms let you show off your interests or decorate with reminders of your experiences and achievements.

3. Add Instant Character by Changing a Few Fixtures

We mentioned that we would avoid putting any major renovations on this list. Not everyone is looking for a multi-week project. However, there are several minor additions and modifications that you can make to revitalize any home.

Changing a few lighting fixtures is one of your best options. Major fixtures like ceiling lights can serve as focal points in a room and allow you to play up your tastes.

Even if you don’t feel like dealing with your home’s electrical system, there are plenty of other opportunities to add unique details.

Louver doors are a good example. These interior doors are a great way to add personality to areas in your home where your decor options are normally limited.

For instance, bifold louver doors are often found on closets, adding a bit of flair as well as functionality. And many homeowners are finding that they make charming additions throughout interior spaces. To see some examples, check out this page with louver doors installed throughout a home.

Personalize Your Living Space

Adding character to your home should be an ongoing process. After all, if you treat your living space as a reflection of your personality, then it should continue to evolve and change as you do.

So think of these tips as a jumping-off point. And for more ideas on how to add character to your living space, be sure to keep up with our latest home improvement guides.