An Expert’s Guide To Cleaning Carpets Effectively

Unwanted stains can be an everyday dilemma for most of us, especially when they land on delicate and sensitive surfaces. Cleaning yellow carpet stains can be difficult, so you should try a more stain-specific technique to remove them.

There are some ways to deal with this, but there are also more efficient ways to remove these stains. Continue reading below to learn the expert’s guide on cleaning carpets to remove unwanted stains.

General Instructions on Effectively Cleaning Your Carpet

For most stains, follow the steps below to clean your carpet and remove unwanted spots.

  1. Prepare two empty spray bottles that will be your primary weapon against stains

Take the first bottle, fill it with cold water and set it aside for a moment. Now, fill the second bottle with a mixture of ¼ teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and a cup of warm water.

  1. Use an absorbent cloth and spray some of your dishwashing mixtures onto it. Refrain from spreading it directly on your carpet because you want it to be dry.

Dab the absorbent cloth onto the stain, and remember to do it gently and not rub it against the carpet. The colour will dissolve as you do this, so you need to blot the spot with the clean section of your cloth.

Repeat this process until the whole stain is gone.

  1. Take your cold water spray bottle and another piece of absorbent cloth. Spray some of it onto the fabric and start dabbing the stained spot on your carpet to rinse the detergent mixture.

Blot the spot again using a dry cloth to remove the excess detergent and let it dry.

  1. Pack several pieces of paper towels above the area you have just cleaned. Place something heavy, like a flower vase or a pot, to keep it intact.

The paper towels will absorb any residual stains left on the carpet if you leave them overnight. Over the following day, use your fingers to fluff the carpet while allowing some air to dry it.

  1. For instance, you can always repeat the process if the stains are partially removed.

Removing Coffee Stains from the Carpet

It would be best if you acted fast when dealing with coffee stains because hot beverage soaks quickly deep into your carpet.

After the coffee is spilled, you need to use an absorbent cloth to blot the liquid out of your carpet. Next, use a sponge soaked in cool water and blot the area again.

At this point, mix ¼ teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, a tablespoon of white vinegar and a cup of warm water.

Use a white cloth and spray some of your mixtures onto it so you can dab the stained spot carefully. Add a little bit more of the dishwashing solution time after time while simultaneously blotting with a separate dry cloth.

Repeat the process until the stains are removed. It would help if you also placed paper towels above the spot, as stated in number four of the general instructions above.

Removing Pet Stains from the Carpet

You may have a cute companion pet in your household, but we all know their poop and urine stains are not adorable. When dealing with this kind of stain, you can use a carpet cleaner with enzymes and colour and odour-removing formula.

Such products can effectively remove stains while eliminating the foul odour caused by bacteria. In this way, your pet would not soil the same area repeatedly.

Right after using the cleaner, pile a clean and damp white cloth on top of it and blot it repeatedly until there are no more stains. Rinse the area with another wet cloth; you can mist it with clean water if needed.

Use the third cloth to cover the area and leave it for about 12 hours so that the enzymes from the carpet cleaner will have more time to work their magic.

Remove the cloth after 12 hours and let it air dry for the best results.

Removing Wine Stains from the Carpet

Wine can also be a dilemma for your carpet, especially when you accidentally spill some. If this is the case, you must blot the liquid out as much as possible using absorbent cloths.

Also, use wine stain removers available in the marketplace to saturate the stain and leave it for several minutes.

Wine stain removers are specially designed to remove unwanted discolouration.

Blot the area again using another cloth to remove any wine stain residue left.

Refresh Your Carpet Using Baking Soda

There will be a time when your carpet needs a restorative treatment, and you can do this just by using baking soda.

Start by sprinkling a handful of baking soda on your carpet and pile it with a soft brush. Leave it for about 15-30 minutes before vacuuming the whole area.

Remember to use a new and empty vacuum bag to ensure that your vacuum can absorb the fine baking powder particles from your carpet.


Cleaning your carpet and removing stains might cost you money and extra effort. Just remember to follow the general instructions mentioned above and practice regular maintenance to always have a clean carpet.