Factors to Remember When Buying Paint

Selecting the ideal paint color is a basic part of the planning process. The type of paint to be used is also as important as the color it will be blended with. Defy the urge to work with paint simply because it is cheap. Like any other product out there, there are good ones, great ones, and amazing ones. With change and improvement, it is easy to comprehend the difference between the different types of paint. Here are some important factors to keep in mind when buying paint.

The richness of the Color

How deep is the chosen color? How exposed will the paint be to people and things? House painters always advise people to go in for amazing paints that still tend to remain vibrant even after several years. Some paints are made specifically to be richer and deeper in color than others.


When choosing paint, oahu pro painters recommend considering the area where it would be used. High-traffic areas like the kitchen, hallway, and even the porches need good paint that can withstand frequent cleaning without damaging the color richness or its finishing. How washable the paint is should be a top factor for consideration.

Normally, the shinier the finishing, it would be easier to clean the paint when it is dirty. Homes with kids or a school setting need quality washable paint since the kids will always rub their hands on the wall. So, rather than getting paint that will need to be repainted from time to time, always get quality washable paint.


VOCs, also known as Volatile Organic Compounds, or dangerous chemicals, are responsible for paint fumes. Low-VOC paint is made up of 50 grams per liter or less of these chemicals, while painting with zero-VOC paint is formulated with 5 grams per liter. The less a paint’s VOC is, the more environmentally friendly they are and pretty good for new painters as well.


This factor is essential for those who choose a deep color or trying to get a paint that will be able to cover another. Is the paint high hiding and if that is the case, how many coats should one use to get good coverage? Ask pros like oahu pro painters to clarify your doubts before buying the ideal paint. Some paints are designed to quickly cover flaws or blend with colored paint. This factor is important for people who want to remodel a building – one coat of coverage paint will be more affordable as compared to those that need several covers.

Paint and Primer Together

Most times, people have to paint and wait for it to get dry before finishing it. This has been made easier with the availability of a paint primer that works well. The paint and primer future is an important tip to follow when buying paint because they are time-saving as there is no need to paint and wait for it to get dry before finishing. Primer enables the paint to dry as soon as the painting is done.

Planning on purchasing paint? Use these tips and discuss with experts like house painters before selecting the best paint that will not only look good but soothe one’s budget with user-friendliness and durability is guaranteed. Never go in for a particular paint simply because it is cheap.