Five Best Room Themes For Your New Home

Looking for some exciting room themes for your new home? In the past few months, the world has spent more hours in their homes than usual. Under the recently lifted stay-at-home order, we’ve had a chance to rethink our interior spaces.

One way to personalize our spaces: design them with room themes that reflect our personal interests. Themes don’t need to look cheesy and cheap, though. When done tastefully, they display a stylish design aesthetic.

If you lack ideas, we’ve got you covered. Here are the five best room themes for your home that will make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

  1. Winnie the Pooh

Who doesn’t love Pooh Bear, America’s favorite teddy bear? He makes a perfect theme for your nursery or toddler’s room. And you’re not limited to Winnie. There’s also Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, Kanga, Roo, Christopher Robin, and more.

The idea is not to fill the room but use some tasteful decorating accents. Stuffed animals always make a nice look. Put Winnie on an accent table, on the diaper changing station, or on the dresser.

Create a gallery wall of characters and put a tasteful poster or stencils on a bulletin board. Get some Winnie the Poo pillows and place them on solid sheets or a coverlet and a Winnie the Poo and friends table lamp.

  1. Sports Rooms

Boys and girls of every age love sports. Why not decorate your room with a combination of your kiddos’ favorite sports. Or just choose one.

You don’t need to decorate the walls with ordinary posters of your favorite athletes everyone else owns. Make your room unique. You can find cool art created by artists for a variety of sports boxing, football, or horse racing motifs, and more.

Another great idea is to hang framed jersey art on the wall. You can find them in stores or create your own if you’re good with crafts. Place trophies and sports memorabilia on floating shelves for a classic look.

Are You An Athlete?

If you play sports, hang your own action shot photos around the room. They make great conversation pieces.

Tennis anyone? Tennis lovers dig tennis ball pillows. You can find some fluffy styles that aren’t hard like real tennis balls. If you’re going with a tennis theme, consider painting the room in two colors.

One will be bright green to mirror your tennis ball decor. Then choose a contrasting color like deep chocolate or dark blue to make your tennis theme pop.

  1. Entertainment Themes

Movies and television provide an array of options for the theme of entertainment. You can hang up wall art and photos of your favorite Hollywood film stars or do an entire room in the look of Hollywood glamor.

Decorate the room with famous Hollywood stars, including Marilyn Monroe and James Bond, and many more. If you’re looking for some tips on decorating a home theater room, check out these great ideas for media room design.

The Roaring Twenties

For a real hoot, create a Roaring Twenties theme. You can go two ways: ’20s gangsters and speakeasy decor or a more refined, elegant look Great Gatsby glitz and glamor. Whether you’re going for the shady motif or a sophisticated style, this theme is a blast.

For the shady theme, hang photos of gangsters on the walk and place some whiskey barrels around the room. You want to create the look of dark rooms when those who entered had to know the password for admission. Remember to dim the lights.

For a more classy vibe, get some 1920s wall art and decor of flapper girls in sequin dresses and men in three-piece suits to complete the look. Don’t be alarmed if you get a surprise visit from Nick Carraway, Jay Gatsby, and Daisy Buchanan!

  1. Nature Inspired Rooms

The natural world provides a plethora of ideas for nature-inspired room themes. Love gardening? Then you can hang gardening tools on a large pegboard for one of your walls. Cut construction paper to make the grass on the bottom of the frame.

Don’t forget to place plants around the room. Get a tall fiddle leaf tree and some other indoor plants and place them in natural wood pots. For a great vibe, consider a tropical-themed wall with removable wallpaper.

Peel and stick wallpaper offers a less permanent option than traditional wallpaper. It’s a simple redo if you want to change your design in the near future.

  1. Astronomy Room Ideas

Are you obsessed with the mystery of the stars, planets, and the universe? Then an astronomy room theme is a perfect choice.

Astronomy has fascinated scientists and laypeople for centuries. There’s something magical about the mysteries of the universe and its planets, stars, and constellations. If this is your theme, you’ll definitely need a telescope.

While you can get a make-believe telescope, imagine viewing the night sky with a real one. Can you spot the big dipper? Can you find Aquarius or Orion in the celestial sky? This is the first gift for your little astronaut or your adult space explorer.

For something dramatic, consider painting an accent wall black. Then put up a decal of all the planets. You can even buy a mini-planetarium projector. A planetary mobile for the ceiling is fun, too.

The idea is not to overdo your decor. Be selective in the fabrics, pillows, bedding, and artwork you choose for your room.

The 5 Best Room Themes You’ll Love Revisited

Now you know five exciting room themes to add style and personality to your new home. Whether you’re looking for ideas for your kiddos or for the adults, these choices are sure to make a statement.

Looking for more home ideas that delight and inspire? Explore more home-inspired content on our blog.

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