Exterior Paint Color Schemes to Help Level up Your Curb Appeal

Did you know that the color of your front door can increase the value of your home by $6,000? Imagine what refreshing your whole exterior with new paint could do!

Whether you’re looking for new exterior paint color schemes to increase the value of your home or to personalize it for yourself, here are a few color themes you should consider.

  1. Blue Exterior Paint Color Schemes

Blue exteriors are having a moment in the spotlight right now. With special focuses on navy blue with accents of gray or other faded blues.

For a modern twist on this traditional color, theme considers using metal or wooden trims and accents.

If you prefer the traditional style, consider keeping trims, shutters, and doors in other neutral colors like creams, beiges, whites, or grays.

  1. Forest Tones

Green is a trending color in residential architecture. But the most popular greens are dusty sages, dark forest tones, or faded olive tones. All of these exterior paint colors share a rather weathered look and feel.

Green exterior color schemes favor farmhouse, bungalow, northwestern, and cottage-style homes.

Some favorable accents include wood finishes, gray, white, black, and brown paints.

  1. Shades of Gray

Beige reigned supreme in residential designs of the 2000s and the early 2010s. But the 20s favor shades of gray for modern, minimalistic, and neutral designs.

Dark gray has been a highly requested paint color for home exteriors. Minimalists usually accent with other gray trims.

For a homier, more eclectic finish, consider painting the door an accent color to brighten the outside space.

Gray may seem too plain for some, but don’t be mistaken, this color scheme is one of this year’s hottest home trends.

  1. Whitewashed Brick

Traditional brick homes had a resurgence of popularity in the early 2000s. And many homeowners now looking to update their out-of-date exteriors are turning to painted brick.

Fully painted brick can bring a clean, modern, and fresh element to older homes. These clean white homes pair well with wood stained accents, black, and green trims.

When paired with some fresh landscaping these whitewashed brick homes become the best on the block!

  1. Black Is Back

This year has also seen a significant increase in requests for black exterior paint colors. There is no denying that a black home definitely brings a sense of drama and mystique to your design.

And for homeowners that really want to showcase the landscaping, a black painted exterior serves as a great backdrop. The darker color really makes the greens and other garden tones pop.

Keep in mind however that black homes will absorb more heat. So if you live in a warmer climate, this could pose an issue. For cooler climates it’s ideal.

What’s Next?

Now that you’re up to date on this year’s hottest exterior paint color schemes, it’s time to select which one you’ll use on your home!

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