Making Wood Look Tile Look Natural: 5 Tips to Keep in Mind

Wood floors are a favorite for many homeowners. They offer a clean look that will upgrade every house. The problem here is true hardwood floors can be expensive. They are also susceptible to damage from water and scrapes.

Fortunately, there is a workaround for traditional hardwood floors. Wood-look tile is one of the greatest innovations for interior decoration. It is available in every finish, durable, and cheaper than real wood.

Adding wood look tile to your home is an excellent decision. However, there are some things to keep in mind with the installation.

Read on to discover five tips for making wood look tile look natural.

Consider the Material

Tile comes in a couple of different materials. Common options are ceramic, concrete, and porcelain. Most believe that porcelain is the best choice.

Porcelain is ultra-durable. It will hold up to frequent mistakes such as dropped dishes. This ensures the finish will last a long time.

Also, check to see if your tile has a rectified edge. Rectified edged are mechanically pressed to achieve the cleanest grout lines. This list will touch on grout lines again later.

Choose the Right Length

Wood-look tiles come in many different lengths. Keep this in mind when shopping. The size of the tile is just as important as the design.

Shorter tiles will make for more grout lines. This will create a grid pattern that takes away from the smooth wood look.

For length, look for 40” tiles or longer. Not only will longer tiles result in less work, but it will also make it look like natural wood.

Mind the Grout Lines

This is one of the most critical aspects of laying tile. The grout lines can make or break a clean look. Grout lines can range anywhere from 1/16” to 1/2”.

Think about how much grout you want to show between tiles. Because wood-look tile is meant to replicate the real thing, smaller spacers are ideal.

Look to use a 1/16”- 1/8” spacer. This size will give the tile room to settle in, but not take away from the beautiful finish.

Keep an Eye on the Pattern

Remember, this is not real wood. The grain pattern is not natural. Wood-look tiles are designs printed on porcelain. As such, the design will be repeated every few tiles.

When laying them, be sure not to place the same patterns next to each other. Spread them out for a natural look.

If you want your floor to have a little more flair, consider a herringbone or diagonal running pattern.

Have Tile Cleaned

Scrubbing on your hands and knees is back-breaking work. Nobody wants a chore this difficult that only yields moderate success. If you want your wood look tile to look natural for years, think about having it professionally cleaned.

This might not be a service that you have considered in the past. However, think about how much abuse tile floors will take over its lifetime.

A deep tile and grout cleanse will bring the floors back to their natural glory. Take a look at Towers Restoration & Cleaning to see what sort of service your floors need.

Upgrade to Wood Look Tile

Remember these tips when upgrading to wood look tile. In no time, you will have floors to be proud of.

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