Telltale Signs It’s Time To Repaint your Home’s Exterior

Repainting the exterior of a house is not regular maintenance that people do often. You might be so used to how the outside of your house looks that you are unaware of the signs showing it might be time for a repaint. Having the exterior of the house looking great helps with curb appeal, especially if you plan on selling it at any point. It’s the first impression everyone gets when they see your house.

This is definitely something you want to hire a painting contractor for because it has to be done correctly and quickly for it to look right, and you do not want to screw up the one part of your house everyone sees! So how do you know it is time to look into a painting business to repaint the home’s exterior? Here are a few telltale signs.

Cracking or Peeling Paint

This can be one of the more obvious signs that it is time for a repaint. If you see paint on the house that is cracking, peeling, or bubbling it is time to take fast action because this means your

house is exposed to the elements and it can cause damage. If the paint is peeling away, it could be causing the wood to be exposed and this can lead to mold or mildew which is worse than your exterior looking bad. Suggested – 5 Telltale Signs You Need to Invest in Driveway Repair

Moisture Stains

Sometimes mold or moisture stains can be dealt with by simply wiping them away. If there’s a lot of damage, however, it can mean something else is going on and you need a professional to look at it. Otherwise, it can be painted over to make the house look better and cover up those ugly stains.

Cracked Caulking

Caulking is used to seal the windows and doors and should be kept in good condition to prevent moisture from seeping in. If the cracks in the caulking are quite large it means it’s time to replace it and give it a fresh coat of paint so that you further protect it.

Fading Color

Paint fades! There’s usually no avoiding it so you might start to notice the color of your house is not as vibrant or pretty as it once was. This is a sign you need another coat on your house to freshen up the color. Additionally, fading paint means that your house is not being protected from the elements which is an important part of paint on the outside of your house. It’s aesthetically pleasing of course to have nice paint, but it’s also essential to protect your house from the weather and moisture seeping in.

You Do Not Like The Color Anymore

This is a perfectly valid reason to repaint the exterior of your house, and this is especially important if you feel like a different color will increase the curb appeal if you are trying to sell your house. The better the outside looks, the more likely someone is to consider your house as an option. Many houses that were built in the ’80s and 70s have a very outdated exterior and it is obvious that it needs an updated repaint.


Painting the exterior of your house is going to a big job that you want to be sure you hire a professional company for good painting techniques. Not only will you not do as good a job as them, but you could also be putting yourself in dangerous situations trying to paint certain areas of your house that are very high up. Keep in mind that you want to do an exterior paint in the spring and summer so you get optimal weather that is dry enough to let the paint cure and dry correctly. If you’re thinking of repainting the exterior of your house, look through this list. If it applies to you, the time is now!

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