5 Reasons To Opt For A Coverless Duvet

Every so often an item in the bedding world passes through and revolutionizes our perception of what we consider everyday essentials. One of them is the coverless duvet, making us rethink our bedroom necessities. With a new and stylish bedroom revamp on the cards we explain four advantages of styling your bedroom with a coverless duvet, and how there is anything to stay.

1. Say Goodbye to Dealing With The Duvet Sheet

When it’s time to replace your bedding, we’ve all experienced the inconvenience and chore of struggling to fit the duvet sheet perfectly to each corner. However, the concept now appears to be a thing of the past. The coverless duvet functions as both a washable duvet and a bed sheet, it is not only less expensive but also a less time-consuming option. With a low-slung bed alongside minimal bedding like the coverless duvet, it creates a feeling of openness and therefore makes the bedroom look bigger! Also due to the elimination of needing a duvet sheet, that storage space can be used for something else.

With it being a lightweight alternative it keeps things minimalistic with the need for only summer and a winter duvet tog to last you through the year. With multiple styles and fabrics available for the coverless duvet, ranging from natural cotton luxury design to linen. Alongside soft linen-effect microfibre alongside the Herringbone patterned duvet; you won’t be lacking in design choice. As well as the production and making of the duvets are from a committed business, portraying responsible business practices, from their cotton sourcing to their zero factory waste.

2. Convenience

Be ready to refresh however many times you need, just pop the duvet in the washing machine, and it’s quick to dry in just 90 minutes. Making life and your bedtime washing now a quick simple task, especially great for those with allergies who need a more regular duvet wash. Due to its lightweight convenience and all-in-one capabilities, it’s the ideal bedtime accessory. Coming with its very own duffle bag it’s an easy fit to store away and pop out when needed. Means, that it’s the ideal travel accessory when you’re in need of a snug duvet to transport to friends or festivals, its packability, and lightweight convenience allow for easy access anywhere. Resulting in endless bedtime setups, and once home it’s quick to wash, dry, and add back to your bed. If one wants a separate travel accessory the coverless duvet comes in a 3-in-1 zippable sleeping bag bringing the convenience and comfort of a bedtime duvet. Alongside the quilted outdoor duvet for those colder nights, that includes Teflon EcoElite™ technology making it water repellent and stain resistant – perfect for outdoor adventures.

3. Everlasting Form

With its two-in-one design, the coverless duvet is top of the convenience list when sourcing a new bedroom revamp. Whether it’s choosing it as spare bedding for guests or an everyday essential for yourself. The 100% recycled Smartfil® fiber inside is as plump as any premium duvet with the added magic of retaining its height and plumpness, even after numerous washes keeps it plump because of the Smartfil fibers. This robust material is not only ideal for keeping bedding in top condition. It’s a remarkably soft and sustainable filling made with revolutionary smartfil fibers polyester sourced from a ground-breaking repurposing of plastic bottles. Smartfil® also uses finer fibers, which allows it to use up to 25% less polyester than comparable competitor products while maintaining the same warmth. With the comfort that doesn’t wash away, the coverless duvet is a worthwhile sustainable option for a comfortable price.

When it comes to sourcing out a perfect duvet, the element of sustainability comes massively into consideration. The coverless duvet including BCI cotton, it’s a part of the Better Cotton Initiative which ultimately means the source of the cotton is monitored to be extracted as environmentally as possible. Since cotton is one of the biggest polluters in the world with chemicals used in the extraction process being so destructive. It’s an important figure to consider when opting for a new duvet set.

4. Stylish Showstopper

A super soft, convenient, and sustainable coverless duvet comes with a variety of stylish options. Natural cotton waffle coverless duvet with its own 100 percent pure BCI cotton cover, a sustainably sourced cotton reverse, and a textured waffle top. Along with the summer classic of linen, which comes in a plethora of colors and tones, the options are limitless. With a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, the options are similar to that of a duvet sheet range, but with the luxury of a duvet and the elimination of ever needing to fit a duvet sheet. If it’s the matching set you want, the pillowcase pair is also available to sync with your coverless duvet and add complete bedroom attire. The soft-touch pillowcases are a perfect match and an ideal plump pillow for everyone. Also Read – How To Choose the Right Electrician?

5. Available in Junior Size

With children’s unpredictability and the need for anything that facilitates a smooth transition into bed, a coverless duvet is an appealing option. It’s ideal for kids because of its convenience due to its washing and fast drying capabilities, as well as its sustainability and lightweight combination. The fantastic design makes these duvet blankets incredibly versatile and fuss-free, whether used as a sofa blanket or a garden duvet, it’s a showstopper for making life that little bit easier. With the children’s junior collection blending style and convenience and available in its bespoke designs for children with its size and its fun print, it’s a showstopper for the kids and a convenient timesaver.