5 Colors To Incorporate In Your Home Decor Today!

It’s an undeniable fact that color is the essence of any room, it speaks even when you walk out. Not only this, it’s one of the cheapest ways to uplift the style of your room if you can’t afford a whole renovation.

But there is a whole orchestra of colors out there. From neutrals to bold to the middle, matte finish, glossy, and everything in between, it’s difficult to choose. To make life easy for non-designers like us, we have talked to the experts and narrowed down our options. Below are some color inspirations for your next paint job, let’s grab a brush:

Before we begin here are some terms, we would be using:

1. Color Families

From Neutral shades to bold pop, we will be talking about both

2. Complementary Colors

Colors would be categorized as works well with other shades or not

3. Good Pairs

We will be talking and colors that work well with a large spectrum of home decor and interior design styles.

4.Mood Lifters

From cozy, cheerful neutrals to dark but comforting and energizing shades, everything is included

5. One VS All Four Wall

To paint one wall to accent it or to paint all four, that is the question. Let’s dive into shades and find out:

1. Benjamin Moore Alaskan Husky

There are some shades that have been around for centuries, our grandmas used it, our mothers used it, and now it’s our turn. When searching for the perfect neutral shade, we keep coming back to this one.

Alaska Husky (1479) by Benjamin Moore is our pick for the neutral shades. This color compliments any accent color such as Delicious Red, Olive Green, Bright yellows, etc. If you are looking for a minimalistic look for your guest bedroom or office or entrances, this is your color. This grey is bright, crisp, and looks just right about anywhere.

2. Glidden Red Delicious

Red is a powerful hue. It brings any room instant energy that other colors might lack. Delicious Red (00YR 08/409) by Glidden is a personal favorite of ours as well. This color serves as a stimulant for otherwise neutrally decorated rooms.

We recommend pairing this up with shades of white, blue, and tans and watch the room come to life. This color can also go well with other darker shades of red. Moreover, such shades are timeless and you won’t need to change the room for a good number of years. This is a bold color so we won’t recommend painting all four walls. Try and go just one or two walls to accent the room,

3. Light to Mid Teal

Teal has the ability to give any place be it an office, a bed, and breakfast or your kitchen cabinets, they instantly become exotic. This color works very well with almost all the neutral shades of white, gold and beige, etc. Further, it can also be used in darker and lighter shades in any room for all four walls.

Pro-tip, if you want to give your kitchen a new look go with lacquered teal and paint just the cabinet doors and watch your space come to life. If you have always shied away from this color, it’s time to pick up that brush and experiment.

4. Benjamin Moore Gentleman’s Gray

This color was used by top designer Susan Williams of Siren Betty Designs at a bed and breakfast project as an experiment, soon after everyone at the company also fell in love with it. So much so that they painted their entire office dark blue.

This is a dark blue- 2062-20 shade by Benjamin Moore. This color gives any room a lot of personality especially if used with a gloss finish. A comforting blue vibe is good to add to your bedroom. This can be used to accent one as well as all four walls. This gentlemanly gray pairs up a lot of neutral colors very easily too.

5. Best Home Sundream

With this pale orangey-yellow color, your space will have instant calming energy. Colors like these are usually preferred in offices and homes where people would like to emit a comforting vibe. According to experts, orange, yellow and some shades of red lends a lot of happiness to their room, which makes it inviting and welcoming. The Spruce Best Home Sundream (SPR-03), although it belongs to the orange family it leans towards a warmer beige which allows it to be used on all four walls.

In the end, it all comes down to what you want to communicate about your personality using your rooms. The colors you choose should complement or accent the entire place including the furniture and the decorations. Go bold or go neutral but keep experimenting and loving your space. Tell us some of your favorite colors to play with when you are designing a room. Happy coloring !!