Carpet Cleaning and Child Safety: What You Should Know

Summer vacation means your children will be out and about playing and bringing in all the dirt that will stain and dirty your carpets.

Fun for them. Dreadful for you!

Summer sabbatical is incomplete with the call of special meals that involve sauces and gravy, which when spilt can be a tough job to clean. So instead, it’s best to have your carpets professionally cleaned with a commercial steam cleaning machine to remove all stains, protect the fibres, and extend the life of your carpets. While spot cleaning is sometimes essential in between professional carpet cleanings, it can’t substitute professional cleaning.

Kids love carpets. Their tiny hand’s and feet seem to love the comfort provided by the same carpet. Rugs provide a non-slip cushioning floor surface that prevents children from getting hurt and is undoubtedly the greatest place to roll and play! Almost all kids do this regardless of where you stay!

How can you be sure that your carpet is safe for your child? Let us find out.

Purifies The Air

Every time you step on the carpeting, the fibres are disturbed, and any particle matter accumulated in the carpet might be discharged into the atmosphere. Having a professional come in and deep clean your carpet on a consistent schedule can keep these particles out from the circulation and out of your carpets, floors, and upholstery.

Assist In The Growth Of The Infant

Tummy time is a fun time for newborns, and it is also very important for their growth. When you give your baby tummy time while awake and playing, you are assisting them with crawling. The initial mode of self-propelled locomotion is crawling. It helps them grow and strengthen their vestibular/balance system, cognition, problem-solving skills, and synchronisation. Carpeting provides an excellent base for crawling for babies who may find it difficult to move on hard surfaces. In addition, a clean carpet makes it easier for your child to sit, crawl, and play with their toys, making it even more necessary to get your carpets professionally cleaned.

Gets Rid Of Allergies

Our carpet collects allergens, and though you may not be allergic to them, a kid may suffer from severe allergies. It has been documented that serious respiratory disorders such as asthma develop due to a child’s exposure to such allergens. Pollen enters your home through windows, dogs, and humans, and there is no way to avoid it. On the other hand, the remedy is to vacuum up surface dirt and pollutants every day, but professional carpet cleaning services are highly recommended for a deeper clean. If you have children and pets, it’s a good idea to schedule two services every year.

Effects Of Carpet Cleaning Products On Children And Toddlers

Carpet cleaning solutions are made to keep your carpets clean. Many cleaning solutions, though effective, contain harsh chemicals that can be detrimental to children’s more sensitive bodies. Chemicals can cause various problems for your children, including eye irritation, eye damage, eczema, and respiratory problems, including allergies and asthma. Professional cleaning has a major benefit: the technicians use cleaning products that are safe for kids and pets alike. Kids crawl, and they put anything and everything to their mouth. Therefore, it becomes necessary to use only kid-friendly items to clean the floor and carpets.

Avoid This

It would be best if you avoided anything that says hazardous or uses with caution. For example, whenever you clean your carpets yourself, you buy over-the-counter cleaning items; now, they have serious health implications if you do not know how to use them properly. If, however, you need a specific list to watch out for, then Hydrofluoric acid, butane, propane, glycol ethers, quaternary ammonium chloride, and sodium hydroxide are among the compounds to avoid.

Final Say

If you want your child to have a clean environment to grow up in, it is best to go the professional route as it is good on the hygiene front, and it also helps with your child’s development.

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