6 Best House Remodels for Increased Value Before Selling

The spring buying season this year has broken the record, and the market couldn’t be hotter. It’s currently a red-hot seller’s market, so if you’re looking to sell, 2021 seems very promising. Now, one thing to note is that homeowners who can make at least one remodeling project sell their homes much faster and for a higher price.

When you choose the best house remodels, you could boost the asking price for your home by up to 20%. Even though the home remodeling market is set to hit a staggering $337 billion by the second half of 2021, not all projects recoup investments. This means that you should be wary about the projects you choose if your main goal is to increase the value of your home before selling.

So, how do you know which upgrades increase house value? In this guide, we’ve put together a list of the most recommended remodeling projects so you can make the best decisions.

1. Garage Door Replacement

One of the best home remodel projects you can do is garage door replacement. You see, any upgrade or remodel that enhances your curb appeal is undoubtedly going to increase your resale value. Replacing an existing garage door could increase the value of your property by a long shot.

This is because it enhances not only the aesthetic appeal but the security of the house. It’s more important for you to replace or at the very least repair or repaint your garage door if it faces the street. When the buyers see how attractive the curb appeal is, they’re likely to wonder what the rest of the house looks like and take interest.

2. Install Manufactured Stone Veneer

Installing manufactured stone veneer also has a lot to do with your curb appeal. Potential buyers won’t be impressed if your current siding is worn out with peeling paint or stained aluminum. This is arguably one of the best home remodeling projects.

A manufactured veneer is an artificial material designed to look like stone, and it’s an incredible way to enhance the beauty of your exterior. The best thing about it is that it’s one of the most cost-effective remodeling projects and could recoup over 90% of your investment.

3. Minor Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens are the most common remodeling projects and for good reasons. However, instead of going for an expensive upscale project, why not do a minor kitchen remodel? You’ll be able to recoup over 70% at resale compared to about 50% for an upscale kitchen remodel.

The difference with the small or minor kitchen remodel is that you could only replace the cabinet doors with updated styles instead of replacing full cabinets. If not all of them, a huge number of home buyers always place the main focus on kitchens.

A modern and airy kitchen could help you sell your home faster and for a much higher price, even without costing an arm and a leg. If you’re on a budget, you can replace countertops and get a few energy-efficient appliances. Kitchens are the third most cost-effective renovations, so you can be sure it’s not going to be worth it.

4. Remodel Your Bathrooms

Aside from kitchens, bathrooms are the next remodeling projects that recoup the most after resale. Many buyers are looking for large, modern, and bright bathrooms if your house remodels budget allows it. With a spacious bathroom that features larger shower spaces and tubs, you’ll significantly boost your chances of a first sale.

Even if you don’t have enough house remodel budget to increase more space, you can make it a lot more appealing. Replace old and dull lighting with modern and brighter lights, upgrade your vanity countertops, and install modern tiles. Just like an upscale kitchen remodel, an upscale and expensive bathroom remodel may not recoup as much as you invest.

A bathroom addition can also be incredibly expensive and may generate lower returns on investment. The best course of action is to do a modest renovation to add new life to your existing bathrooms. For such projects, it’s advisable to hire a house remodeling service.

5. Replace Your House Siding

Replacing your siding also has a lot to do with your property’s curb appeal. You’ll only have one chance to make a great first impression with potential buyers, so your exterior needs to be exceptionally good. You want it to look inviting so your buyers can come in and discover how good the rest of your property is.

The minute buyers look at your worn-out siding; they’ll start wondering how you could have taken care of other aspects of your home. They may think you also neglected your floors, roof, appliances, electrical systems, and HVAC systems. However, this won’t be the case once you get a new, aesthetically appealing siding for your home.

It stands as one of the best house remodels, and you can choose fiber cement or vinyl siding as a replacement. Both options are affordable and will give you a home the kind of appearance you’re looking for. If all this sounds too much, you can always sell your cash for cash from “We buy homes” companies.

6. Upgrade the Windows

Did you know that all the windows contribute to our homes’ energy loss? If you have been paying high energy bills, your windows could be the culprit, and potential buyers will not appreciate that. If you’re looking for some of the best houses remodels, then replacing your windows is one of them.

Consider going for Low-E windows that are manufactured with insulated glazing. They play a major role in preventing energy loss and could reduce it by up to 50%. It would help if you also got windows with the ENERGY STAR rating as they also lower energy consumption.

The Best House Remodels When Selling a Home

Have you been wondering what the best house remodels are? If your main purpose of remodeling is to raise your home’s value before selling it, then the projects listed above will do just that. Make sure your remodeling project stays within the market because if they’re too expensive, your home may stay too long in the market.

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