Improving Your Home with Thermal Insulation Boards

If you are keen to work on some home improvements, you might be thinking about wallpaper, curtains, and some new scatter cushions. However, you can take your home improvements to a whole new level by thinking a little deeper about what you can do to change things up and upgrade your house. You might not be thinking about what’s inside your walls – thermal insulation boards. With the installation of thermal insulation boards, you will see the benefits in your home straight away as well as in the energy bill you get at the end of the month. Insulation boards will make the room temperatures more comfortable as the cold winter nights creep in and keep your expenses to a minimum. However, not all insulation boards are made equal and it’s a case of evaluating the pros and cons of different types in order to make the best choice for your property. Here are a few of the different options available to help you weigh up which one will bring the best improvement to your home:

Types of Insulation Boards

When deciding the best board for your property, it’s important to choose the right materials. There are a few common materials that work well for various reasons and are designed for specific uses. Here are the options available.

PIR Insulation Boards

Polyisocyanurate insulation boards, known as PIR boards, have various applications but are perfect for use in insulating a flat roof or cavity wall. Even when the board is thin, the excellent thermal properties make it a great insulator. They are firm foam boards that are resistant to fire with an extremely low thermal conductivity. PIR boards combine the benefits of being affordable, available, and greatly efficient. Glass wool insulation, such as fibreglass or solid glass wool boards, can’t compete with the foam panel sandwiches of PIR boards. For example, the installation of 100mm celotex can bring a premium-grade, multipurpose thermal solution that has massive benefits to the whole property. In fact, Celotex while only being the name of a PIR manufacturer, has become so intrinsically linked to this kind of product that people wanting to buy PIR boards refer to it as Celotex.

PUR Insulation Boards

Polyurethane boards, or PUR boards, are made of one of the most efficient insulation materials available and it can take the form of either boards or foam. While foam has many benefits and applications, the boards have a better insulation value and are thus more efficient. If you are looking to insulate your floors, roof or cavity wall, PUR insulation boards are highly recommended and often come with a certain thickness guaranteed.

Rigid Phenolic Insulation Boards

These boards are praised to be the best insulation boards on the market, and the fact they are so effective in their thermal insulation makes this quite a reasonable claim. In areas or building where energy efficiency is vital, you won’t get a better performance from any other insulation board. These boards also have wide range of usage due to the fact they are resistant to water, fire and mould.

XPS Insulation Boards

If you are looking to insulation your basement, overlay roof, façade, cavity wall or sarking roof, you’ll likely be pointed in the direction of XPS insulation boards. Due to the fact they are resistant to pressure, they are a perfect fit when it comes to insulating floors. Furthermore, XPS insulation boards have a high value of insulation, they are easy to process and with a tongue and groove system are easy to install.

Evidently, there are many choices to consider, but insulation should be a priority when it comes to home improvements. You will feel the difference in your home temperature, the property will gain value, and you will notice the lower expense in your energy costs.