How to Decorate and Maximize Space in a Small Guest Bedroom

Is your guest bedroom as welcoming as it could be?

Lots of people have guest bedrooms, but not everyone knows how to make the most of this extra space! Usually, this spare room is a little smaller than a normal bedroom making it difficult to design and decorate in a way that doesn’t make it feel cluttered.

It’s also not always high up on your priority list of things to do around the home, but now’s the time to change that! If you want a lovely, well-designed guest bedroom for your family and friends to stay in, you need to start planning your designs.

To help, take a look at this guide full of small guest bedroom ideas to help you maximize your space.

Invest in a Smart Bed

When it comes to guest bedroom ideas, you’re going to need somewhere for your guest to sleep! But, in a small space that can have more than one purpose, a traditional king-size bed probably isn’t going to work. This is when you need to think outside the box and find a bed that fits into your space, rather than fitting your space to your bed.

Take a look at Wilding Wallbeds, for example, which stock a range of quality wall beds that are perfect for small rooms. When not in use, your beds tuck up into their cabinet on the wall, leaving you with plenty of floor space to work with. When needed, simply pull them down and you’ll have a single, double, or king-size bed ready for your guests!

Day beds are another great solution. When not in use, you can set these up as a cute sofa topped with plenty of cushions and blankets. When you have guests over, simply rearrange and pull out any compartments that you need to turn it into a super comfy bed.

Add Simple Storage

If you’re having a guest coming to stay, it’s likely they’ll have a few bits with them that they’d like to put away, so be sure to add some storage. Don’t get carried away though; your friends aren’t moving in! A simple set of drawers or a small wardrobe should be enough to keep them happy.

If you have a tiny space, a collapsable clothes rail is a great option. When up, this isn’t a bulky piece of furniture and is going to help create a super stylish, open room, and you can easily take it down when not in use! When it comes to small guest bedroom ideas, temporary furnishings are a great solution for multipurpose spaces.

Focus on Light Colors

When it comes to guest bedroom decorating ideas, focus on light colors for your main palette. In small rooms, light colors are your best bet for opening up your space and making it seem larger than it is, so paint your walls in stark whites, creams, or pastel tones. If you like dark colors, it’s better to leave these for small accents, like a strip of colour around your walls or a throw laid over light coloured sheets.

Install Floating Shelves

When working on guest bedroom decor in small spaces, remember that you want to maximize your floor space. The more items you place on the floor, the smaller and less practical your room is going to feel! This is where floating shelves come in.

You can’t see where floating shelves are fixed to the wall, making them a super neat, minimalist solution that are perfect for small spaces. Small floating shelves make great bedside tables, bookshelves, and storage spots that leave the floor untouched! To maximize your shelving space, and baskets that you can organize and fill, keeping messy items hidden.

Stocked Bedside Table

A bedside table is a must to create a cosy, comfortable room for your guests. If you don’t have any lighting around the bed other than the main light switch, it’s a good idea to add a reading lamp to your stand, along with a small pot where they can place cash, jewellery, and any other small bits they might have. This is also a great space for adding different things they might need.

For example, you can add a glass and a bottle of water, a selection of books, and some cosy socks. While these might not be essential, they’ll be lovely to have and will make your guest feel right at home!

Hook it Up

Hooks are a great, minimal storage solution that are super handy! Add a row of metal hooks to your wall for your guest to hang up coats and jackets, as well as towels after showering. When the space isn’t in use by a guest, these hooks aren’t going to be a problem for you or get in the way, and when you do have a guest they’ll be incredibly useful!

For a super chic, rustic look, add your hooks to a piece of reclaimed wood and attach the wood to the wall. Or, choose hooks in different shapes for a more whimsical finish!

Start Decorating Your Guest Bedroom

Having a guest bedroom makes you super lucky and is the perfect space for friends and family to come and stay, so make sure you take time designing yours! Remember, less is more in small spaces, and try to find collapsible furnishings that you can build up and take down easily for multipurpose rooms. Once you’re done, you’ll be so happy you took the time to research and plan before you started!

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