How to Fix a Slab Leak: A Helpful Guide

Oh, no. You’ve come home after a hard day of work just to see water leaking around the siding of your home. There’s no doubt about it; you’re experiencing a slab leak.

There are few problems more disturbing than a leaking slab around the home. Not only are they difficult to find, but they can cost a good deal of money to solve. What’s more, the longer you leave the leak unchecked, the more (potentially permanent) damage it could do to your home.

You’ve got to get the problem fixed ASAP. But what do you need to do to take care of the problem? This article goes into detail about what you need to know to handle your leaking problems. Read on to find out more!

1.Locate the Leak

This is simultaneously the most important and most challenging part of repairing the damages to your home. The problem with slab leaks is that they don’t have to be at the scene where the wetness is collecting. In fact, there’s a good chance that the problem could start from somewhere way down the pipeline. You’ll want to go around and under your house’s foundation to try to find the origin of the leak so you can get right to work on fixing it up.

2.Use Some Epoxy

After you’ve found the leak, you’ll of course want to fix it up. One way to do this is through epoxy restoration. The process is minimally invasive to your home and can be done in minutes by an experienced contractor. This is best used on minor leaks on pipes that don’t contain much pressure.

3.Reroute the Piping

The next option would be to reroute your piping. A new pipe is laid above ground to redirect the flow of the pipe and avert any further damage. This option is great for when you only need to replace a short section of pipe.

4.Opt for Repiping

When you have multiple leaks throughout your piping, simply rerouting a certain section of pipe isn’t enough. You’re going to need to repipe under your home instead. This procedure is pretty invasive and may involve cutting into your floors or concrete slabs for the contractor to access the leak and install new pipes, but the result ensures that the leaks will no longer be a problem.

Want to make sure that the leak is taken care of properly? You’ll want to call in the professionals to do the job right. Make sure you do your research for slab leak repair contractors that can take care of the job the first time and give you the peace of mind that you deserve!

Get Your Slab Leak Fixed Today

Now that you know what it takes to get your slab fixed, you’ll be able to handle your business with ease and get your home back in top condition. Make sure to have a look around the rest of our site to learn more tips and tricks to live your best life. You’re going to love what you find here!