Wool VS Leather – Which Upholstery Is Right For Me?

If you are looking for the perfect upholstery for your furniture without prior experience, this is going to be a very challenging task. Sifting through different options on the web and in stores takes a lot of time and effort. Especially when you have to install a new vibe in your house, it becomes crucial to go the extra mile when choosing the perfect upholstery. However, you are not the only one struggling here because millions of people go through the same issue.

When you consider the upholstery, leather and wool are the two options that occur as the first thought in our minds. The reason why people consider these options is because they offer the modern feel, emanate nice vibe, look classy, and are durable. Here, in this feature, we will help you in choosing the right stuff for you. Not to forget, leather and wool, both offer a plethora of benefits in the house. Seldom will you come across a drawback of incorporating them in your home.

Leather Upholstery

In simple words, leather is a strong material that looks classy. It is acknowledged as the best material by many people because it can last for a long time. If you are looking for top-notch leather upholstery for your modern furniture, don’t forget to visit Room Service 360°.  They are often chanted as the top-notch leather upholstery sellers on the web. However, investing in leather is a big deal because it is expensive. Regardless of whether you settle for the top-grain or full-grain leather, both of them have an amazing texture. This means, once you incorporate it into your house, it will easily last for decades.

The reason why many people settle for leather is, it is easy to clean. All you need to do is, use a vacuum cleaner to suck all the dust from the top. On the other hand, you can also use a damp cloth to clean it. Don’t forget to be gentle because you might easily scratch the leather and make marks on it. When choosing the color of the leather, always settle for one that is in coherence with the theme of your room. When cleaning the leather, use a good conditioner, one that is scented.

Wool Upholstery

If you want to make your house look extra classy and unique, settle for the wool upholstery. The wool is blended with synthetic fiber for maximum hardening. The only problem with wool upholstery is, it needs frequent cleaning. This means you cannot overlook its everyday cleaning like the other furniture pieces in the house. This implies regular vacuuming will also become a norm in your house. If you accidentally spill something on the wool, you will easily be able to clean it. Settle for top-notch woolen upholstery for your house because this, too, is quite an investment in the long run. With woolen upholstery, you can easily get rid of large stains with minimal cleaning.

The reason why woolen upholstery is a good option for your furniture is that it is moisture repellent. This means you don’t have to worry about the summer months when moisture and heat can easily cause massive damage to the furniture.


So now that you have gone through both options, it will be easier for you to make a perfect choice. If you’re comfortable with frequent cleaning, you can select either one of the two options. Lastly, have a perspective on your budget when making a choice.

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