Breathing Easy: Professional Tips on How to Improve Air Quality Indoors

Is the air inside your home as clean as it could and should be?

You’d better hope so. These days, Americans are spending about 90% of their time indoors. And a large percentage of that time is spent inside at home.

With this in mind, it’s very important for you to do whatever it takes to improve air quality in your home. The better the air quality is, the easier it’ll be for you and your family members to breathe.

So, how can you improve indoor air quality? It’s actually not as difficult to do it as you might think.

By taking a few simple steps, you can make the air inside your home clean all the time. Here are some tips on how to improve air quality in your home.

Open Up the Windows in Your Home Every So Often

Do you leave the windows in your home closed almost all the time? This is one of the biggest mistakes that a homeowner can make when trying to improve air quality in their house.

Opening the windows in your home every now and then will bring fresh air into your home. It’ll also carry old, stagnant air out of your home so that it’s not able to take a toll on you anymore.

You will want to be careful about not opening your windows on days when the air quality outside is poor. But generally speaking, it’s almost always a good idea to throw your home’s windows open to provide it with the fresh air it needs.

Change the Air Filter in Your HVAC System on a Regular Basis

While it’s nice to open the windows throughout your home every now and again, you’re going to want to keep them closed for the most part so that your HVAC system can do its job. Your HVAC system will help to heat or cool your home depending on what time of year it is.

You should, however, get into the habit of changing the air filter in your home’s HVAC system at least once every three months, if not more often. This air filter is in charge of filtering the air that flows through your HVAC system, and it can get quite dirty over time.

By replacing your air filter, you’ll allow it to continue to do its job moving forward. It’ll keep the air in your home cleaner and extend the lifespan of your HVAC system at the same time.

Schedule Routine Service for Your Heating and Cooling System

In addition to changing the air filter in your HVAC system regularly, you should also make it a point to have professional service your heating and cooling system at least a couple of times each year. This will work wonders for the longevity of it while also keeping your home’s air clean.

Most HVAC specialists can also provide you with a long list of indoor air quality services. They can test the air in your home before recommending ways in which you can improve indoor air quality.

Arrange to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Have you had the air ducts in your home cleaned anytime within the last few years? If not, that would be a great step to take in the fight to improve air quality in your house.

You might be surprised by how much dust, allergens, and other contaminants can build up inside your air ducts. In some cases, they might even have mold and mildew growing inside of them.

During an air duct cleaning, a company will come in and get rid of everything inside your air ducts in a hurry. This will guarantee that the air moving throughout your home isn’t picking up anything in your air ducts and bringing it along with it.

Keep the Carpets and Floors in Your Home Clean

If you want to keep the carpets and floors throughout your home looking their absolute best, cleaning them is going to be essential. You’ll want to make it your mission to sweep, vacuum, and/or mop them every chance that you get.

Doing these things will make your home’s flooring last longer and look better. It’ll also help you improve the air quality within your house.

When you have clean floors in your home, people and pets aren’t going to kick up dust every time they walk around in it. Dust won’t have anywhere to settle when you’re constantly cleaning your floors.

You should also go the extra mile and shampoo or polish floors once or twice every year to get them extra clean. It’ll always look like you have new floors and, as an added bonus, you’ll love what doing this does for your home’s indoor air quality.

Put the Right Plants Into Place Throughout Your Home

Nothing will brighten up your home and add life to it quite like a bunch of houseplants. And you’ll be happy to know that adding plants to your home will do more than just change its appearance.

There are lots of houseplants that are known to give indoor air quality a boost. Some of the plants that you should incorporate into your interior design are:

  • English Ivy
  • Gerbera Daisy
  • Peace Lily
  • Spider Plant
  • Chinese Evergreen

Why not make your home look better and give it better air quality by strategically positioning a few of these houseplants throughout it?

You Can Improve Air Quality in Your House By Taking These Steps

You shouldn’t have to worry about the air that you’re breathing in when you’re in your home. If it concerns you, it’s going to make it hard for you to enjoy hanging out in your house.

Rather than worrying about it all the time, take some of the steps found here to improve air quality. You can make your home’s air safer to breathe in and avoid some of the potential side effects that dirty air can have on your health.

Interested in finding out more about improving the air quality in your home? Read the other articles on our blog to find other tips and tricks on how to do it.

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