10 Ways to Improve Your Property’s Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are not guaranteed in any property you rent or buy. The more built-up your town or city is, the less privacy and security you might have, and the more effort you might have to put into finding ways to achieve it.

While it’s not always easy transforming your property into a private and peaceful sanctuary, you might be surprised at how comfortable you can start feeling in your own home when you make some of the following changes.

Install Window Plantation Shutters

The plantation shutters Gold Coast residents purchase are becoming more popular by the day, especially when homeowners around the world realize how crucial they can be for achieving privacy while not sacrificing style.

Plantation shutters are solid, durable window coverings that look elegant and sophisticated while also providing complete privacy and light control. You can purchase them in any color to suit your home’s design and enjoy having full control over how open or closed they are at any time of the day or night. Unlike curtains, which can harbor dust and dirt, plantation shutters typically feature easy-clean pet and asthma-friendly materials.

Install Security Cameras

If you’re reasonably happy with the amount of privacy your home has but worry about your area’s crime rates, you might like to install security cameras. Some of the latest camera technology allows you to remotely monitor your home, which means you can check in when you’re away for any length of time. Installing security cameras might also mean that you can identify anyone who ventures onto your property and potentially enjoy lower home insurance premiums related to theft.

Build Tall Fences

It can be hard to enjoy your time gardening or reading a book in an outdoor entertainment area when surrounding neighbors can stare directly into your yard. While you might not be able to block off the view of your property entirely, you may enhance your privacy with a tall fence.

If your budget doesn’t allow for full perimeter fencing, consider a tall fence at the front of your property to prevent people from looking into your front yard. Tall fencing might also have the added bonus of deterring would-be criminals.

Soundproof Your Walls

Terrace homes and semi-detached properties are convenient in many ways, but one of their significant drawbacks is the amount of noise that can be heard through the walls. If this is a problem you’re currently facing, there are many different ways you may wish to combat it. Some people purchase acoustic foam panels to muffle sounds, while others install additional layers of drywall. You might also consider mass-loaded vinyl or a new wall built in front of your existing one.

Change Your Furniture Layout

If you have one problematic room that a neighboring property has an uninterrupted view of, see if a furniture layout change helps you avoid those awkward moments of eye contact. For example, if you currently have a chair or sofa facing the window, you might like to adjust the angle to stop yourself from being seen while enjoying your own home. It might not be an ideal long-term privacy solution, but it might be a cost-effective option you consider before trying others like building privacy fences or growing hedges.

Install Strategic Privacy Screens

Increase your comfort in your own outdoor entertainment area by installing privacy screens where you need them the most. For example, you might have an outdoor dining suite you want to block from the view of the neighbors or a hot tub that requires complete privacy. Privacy screens are portable, easy to install, and cost-effective. If you find that they’re not quite in the right place, you might also enjoy being able to move them with relative ease.

Lock Your Gates

If you have a front entrance or gate, you might be able to improve the security of your home by locking it. A simple padlock might be all it takes to experience peace of mind whenever you head off to work, to bed, or on vacation. If you’re concerned about postal workers being unable to access your property, you might like to purchase one with a code, which means people you trust can enter through your gate when you’re not home.

Grow Plants

While growing plants like privacy hedges is not a fast solution to your privacy problem, it might be an effective one for the future. Hedges can make your garden look more inviting while also making it harder for people to see into your property. They may also provide many other benefits, such as shelter, shade, and noise dampening.

Apply Window Film

While plantation shutters are generally a more permanent and stylish privacy option for homes than window film, an adhesive film might be something you consider as a short-term measure or to take care of a particularly problematic part of your home.

For example, if your bathroom faces a neighboring property and doesn’t have a curtain, privacy screen, or frosted glass, a layer of window film might stop them from seeing anyone in your bathroom. Window film is traditionally inexpensive to purchase and easy to apply, which means there might be no need to call in professional installers for this privacy method.

Install Security Lighting

Residential streets can be thrown into darkness as soon as the sun goes down, and street lighting is often not enough to ensure your home is well-lit. If you’re concerned about crime in your area and want to avoid as many dark patches as possible, consider installing security lighting.

You can set lighting on a timer to come on when darkness falls or have sensor lighting that turns on when it detects movement. Either option might give you a sense of security. However, it’s important to note that most burglaries happen during the day, so you may see the value in pairing this security measure with others, such as gate locks, tall fencing, and security cameras.

Achieving complete privacy and security in your home can sometimes seem impossible, especially if you live in a built-up town or city bordered by several houses. However, any of these cost-effective techniques and tips above might be all it takes to make you feel more comfortable and safe to enjoy your own space without worrying about being on display.