How to Make Your Garden More Inviting

If you are looking at making your garden more inviting, there are numerous simple ways to achieve this. Back gardens, no matter how big or small should be designed to be a source of happiness – a place to go to decompress, unwind, and enjoy. Just as you declutter your home, your garden is another space that needs attention in this respect too. Gardens too easily become dumping grounds, so you’ll need to clear it up, cut back trees, rehome old equipment like slides or swings and store anything that can be stored.

A well-designed outdoor space can give sun, shade, fresh air, and relaxation. Make it an area that entices you into your own garden. It can be a place where you want to spend time with friends, relax in the sun, do yoga, or read.


Mature trees might be a good place to start when creating a design to incorporate shady areas in your garden. If you live near a busy road, trees can also serve to conceal an unappealing view or filter noise and pollution. They also serve nature by producing pollen for insects, giving refuge for birds, and turning carbon dioxide in the air into oxygen. They can be used as an anchor for hammocks, pendant lights, or hanging ornaments.

An umbrella can provide much-needed shade and it can also conjure up a relaxing atmosphere as you think back to beach holidays. Pergolas, awnings, and vines growing over arbours can all give you the shady spot you desire.


Once your shade is established, some outdoor chairs can make your back garden even cosier. You and your guests will be more inclined to relax and spend more time outside if the seating is comfortable. Spend a bit more on solid, quality garden furniture that your guests will appreciate and that will last for many years. Sun loungers are a popular choice in gardens when you wish to be able to fully relax and unwind. To make the seating area even more inviting, add pillows, blankets, flowers, and lights.

Special Features

The sound of bubbling water is soothing and healing, and a water feature may provide that. If DIY is your thing, why not get creative and construct your own? Determine how much time, space, and money you have available, and then go from there. Consider fitting a hot tub or spa in your garden. Hot water and bubbles are the epitome of relaxation. Just make sure to choose a sturdy hot tub cover to keep debris out of your new haven. A well-secured hammock is a fantastic addition to create a pleasant ambience, whether you link it to two trees or hang it in a corner. There is no better place to rest and get away from the world.

Always think about how your garden set-up affects wildlife. Plant plants that bees and butterflies are drawn to, talk to your closest neighbours about constructing a hedgehog highway, and purchase bird feeders to attract our feathered friends. A birdbath, bee hotels, pollinator plants, and even compost heaps are all great ways to attract other visitors to your inviting garden.