Crafting With Chipboard: 5 Inspiring Ideas

When you’re looking for a way to get your creative juices flowing, have you looked at chipboard? This versatile material won’t gouge your wallet, but it will be ideal for any crafting project! From jewelry to signs, you can transform this thick paper stock into just about anything.

Grab some chipboard sheets and stick around to learn five inspiring crafting ideas!

1. Invent Fun Chipboard Signs

What is chipboard? It’s a thick paper stock usually made from recycled materials. And it’s the perfect substrate for making homemade signs and wall art.

Use a craft knife to cut precise letters. Bevel the edges with sandpaper. Then apply those letters to a backing board.

You can construct a new family sign if you just got married. Or create seasonal sign swag for your front door. Paint a chipboard pumpkin for Halloween or a chipboard wreath for Christmas.

2. Use Chipboard to Craft Original Jewelry

Because it’s easy to cut just about any shape out of chipboard, you can use it as the base for new pendants and earrings.

Wondering where to buy chipboard? Conveniently, you can find chipboard in most major craft stores. This means you can buy chipboard sheets and all the gemstones and paints you’ll need in one shopping trip.

3. Elevate Your Scrapbooking Game

Nothing spruces up a scrapbook like some collaged letters and shapes. Rather than simply pasting in pictures and using markers to label them, why not introduce some collage elements, too? You can introduce curvaceous waves or palm tree cut-outs for a book about a beach trip, for instance.

You can paint chipboard letters to embellish your introductory page. Or mount some pictures onto organic chip board shapes so they pop out from the page. And if you’re starting a scrapbook from scratch, use extra thick chipboard for your front and back cover.

4. Chipboard Can Be Perfect For Printing

Chipboard comes in different types of thickness to suit different projects. If you’re hoping to create sturdier items, like printing blocks, go for extra heavy sheets. Higher chipboard thickness can tolerate repetitive use.

Then you can create stamps of shapes, letters, and design motifs. Use them to add decorations to your stationery!

These sheets will require a heftier blade or thicker die to create clean shapes. Alternatively, use Cricut chipboard for machine compatibility to create your stamps. Then simply press the shapes into some ink and start printing with them!

5. Develop A Puzzling Solution

What better way to keep the kids occupied than with a puzzle? Better yet, you can use chipboard sheets to create a personalized puzzle that will make the experience even more fun.

Transfer a design on vinyl to your chipboard sheets. Then use a Cricut or other nimble cutting machine to transform that image into puzzle pieces!

Make Chipboard Sheets A Crafting Staple

Add chipboard to your crafting closet to help push your imagination. You can incorporate it into scrapbooking projects and signage. And if you’re looking for gift-giving ideas, you can even transform this humble material into stunning jewelry.

To find more ways to make your house into a home, check back for fresh articles!