Curb Appeal Ideas That Will Change Your Space

Did you know that curb appeal is essential for when you plan to sell your home? If you want to transform your home, we can help. In this guide, we’ll go over ideas for front yard curb appeal that your family, friends, and future buyers will love.

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Update Your Garage Door

You don’t want to have a plain-looking functional garage door. Instead, consider staining the door or upgrading to a new one to make it look fresh.

Customize your garage door by choosing wood and going for a rustic feel instead. You could add windows to your garage door to match the windows around your house. Or, consider a carriage house style garage door.

Once you choose a design for your garage door, consider updating your front door as well.

Brighten Your Front Door With a New Color

If you don’t want to update your garage door, consider repainting your front door for a fresh new look. Try a new vibrant color like bright red, gold, or green. Make sure the color you pick will fit into the tone of your house.

Painting your front door is a project you can complete on your own or with a friend. You’ll need to pick up the paint, brushes, and painter’s tape. Boost your curb appeal with a fresh new door.

Add Color and Decor to Your Home

From the road, does your house appear plain and muted? Consider giving it some color and character by adding decor that matches the style of your home.

Consider adding hanging flower baskets to your front veranda, or a water foundation. Hang a seasonal wreath on your front and garage door.

Update or Add New Light Fixtures

You can add lights along your walkway, driveway, and front door. Post lights, hanging lanterns, or string lights all provide a different feel. What kind of accents would you like to use?

Install a Walkway

If you invite guests over, you don’t want them to walk through the grass to make their way to your front door. Make sure you create a pathway.

You can surround your path with shrubbery or curbing to boost the appearance. Place a few flower pots at the top of the path.

Do you have a pathway already? If not, consider calling a curbing professional. They will work with you to find a path that will fit your home’s style and color.

Update Your Outdoor Furniture

Do you have faded and worn down outdoor furniture? Consider buying new or second-hand furniture to replace your weathered ones. Try to find furniture that won’t rust or degrade from the elements.

One fun piece of furniture to have for any home is an outdoor swing. Swings add a cozy appeal to a house and are a functional piece of furniture. You’ll spend more time outside enjoying your front yard.

Consider investing in a gate access control system as you make these updates to your home. This way, you can protect your home and family.

Install Shutters or Window Boxes

Are you looking to boost your windows? Why not install some shutters or window boxes to improve their appearance?

Shutters are easier to maintain compared to window boxes. Yet, with a window box, you can add different flowers to them depending on the season.

Wash Your Siding and Deck

Have you noticed that the front of your home needs to get freshened up? You won’t have to redo the entire outside of the house.

First, rent a pressure washer and wash off the siding. You can then bring the machine over and clean up your deck. You’ll become surprised by how fresh it looks after a deep clean.

Does a friend or a family member have a pressure washer? Ask if you can borrow the machine for the day.

Paint Your House

One of the first things someone will notice when they head up your driveway is your house’s color. You don’t want them to see peeling paint and drab colors.

Instead, consider painting your home a bright color that will stand out and look fresh.

Consider hiring professionals to come and repaint your home. You may pay less if you pick a similar shade to the current color or a darker color.

Fix Cracks in Your Driveway

Over time, driveways crack if tree roots grow beneath them, they bear a lot of weight or get installed wrong. Cracks in a driveway look untidy and can make your home seem like it’s not in order.

You don’t have to pour a fresh driveway if you have only a few cracks. Consider calling in a landscaping professional to repair a few cracks. You could also pick up crack filler and fix your driveway.

Add Mulch and Flowers to Flower Beds

A maintained flowerbed will make your entire home’s exterior look welcoming. Flowerbeds can also bring together other elements you’ve added to boost your curb appeal.

Make sure you think about the plants and their needs when choosing to go to your flowerbed. Otherwise, the plants will die and will ruin the flowerbed appearance.

If you don’t know where to start with your flowerbed, you could ask a friend or hire a landscaper. A passionate gardener can help you pick the perfect plants and flowers.

Now You Know More About Curb Appeal

We hope this guide on curb appeal landscaping ideas was helpful. Take the time to plan your projects and begin checking them off the list. Freshen your front door, plant flowers, and fix your driveway to improve your curb appeal.

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