Is Your Garage Door Not Working? a Quick Garage Door Troubleshooting Guide

Are you having trouble with your garage door working correctly? Are you trying to fix it yourself, but aren’t sure where to start? Keep reading for a quick garage door troubleshooting guide that can help you figure out whether to fix it yourself or if it’s time to contact a professional.

Check the Batteries

One of the first steps is to see whether or not the batteries in your handheld transmitter are dead. If you press the button on the transmitter on the wall inside of your garage and the door goes up with no problem then the batteries in the transmitter in your car probably need replacing.

Changing the batteries is pretty simple. Most transmitters have an access door on the back of the transmitter that slides open, or you might have one with tiny screws that keep the door secure. Once you have the door opened, remove the dead batteries, and replace them with fresh ones.

Check the Photo-Eye Sensor

There are two photo-eye sensors, one on either side of the garage door entrance. These sensors transmit an invisible beam to each other and if there is an object blocking the beam it keeps the door from closing down. This is a safety feature that was added in the mid-1990s to keep small children and pets from being injured or killed.

If your door is opening with no issues but not closing properly there is a chance that something is blocking the photo eyes, it could be either dirt or debris that has gotten in the way. The photo-eye might have also been moved out of alignment which will not allow the beam to line up on both sides.

Start by checking the area around the photo eyes and make sure there are no objects blocking them. Then using a streak-free cleaner and a soft cloth, gently wipe the photo-eye free of any dirt that might have built up.

Check the Track Alignment

The track on your garage door might be misaligned causing the door to have trouble opening and closing. When moving the door you might hear a rubbing sound when it hits the area of misalignment. The door might also slow down when it moves through this area.

To fix the alignment, you will have to loosen the screws that hold the track against the frame. Then using a rubber mallet, gently tap the track until it moves back into the correct position. Using a level make sure that the track has been straightened out before tightening the screws again. For more information on how to fix the garage door track, check out these helpful garage door maintenance tips.

Learn More About Garage Door Troubleshooting Today!

These are some of the first garage door troubleshooting steps you should take if your door is not opening or closing correctly. First, check the batteries in your transmitters, then check that there is nothing blocking the photo-eye sensors, and then check that the track isn’t out of alignment.

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