5 Sure Signs You Need to Replace Your Garage Door

Typically, a garage door and opener are great investments. They can actually last up to thirty years! Which is remarkable considering how often other household appliances must be replaced.

Now that doesn’t mean that the door won’t have any issues for that period of time. You’ll have to do regular maintenance tasks and some minor repairs to keep it running for that long. It’s important to take good care of your door.

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether you can make a repair or if you need to get a new garage door altogether. We’ve compiled a list of the five main signs that show you need a new garage door.

1. Difficulty Opening

The key function of garage doors is to open so you have full access to space and can drive your vehicle in and out if desired. If the garage door isn’t doing that, it’s time to get a new one.

Though it sounds simple, there are a few steps you should take prior to jumping into replacing. There may be a simpler fix that you can give the door a few more years.

In order to assess the situation, observe the door carefully when you try to open it. Notice if it seems it doesn’t even try to open, if it jerks, or if it stops at a certain point every time. See if the motor activates or not. And pay attention to any visible defects in the door, frame, motor, or chain.

If you still can’t see the problem, you should take this information to a professional for advice. They’ll be able to give you a solid recommendation for repairs or replacement.

2. Broken Parts

For how much we rely on garage doors, they’re surprisingly simple. There’s not much to their mechanisms and motors, which is great news for the DIY enthusiast.

Often if you can determine the broken or missing part of the garage door, you can replace that instead of the whole door. For example, many are able to perform a diy garage door parts torsion springs repair to get their door functioning again.

On the other hand, sometimes broken or missing parts means that the door is unrepairable and needs to be replaced.

You’ll know that the whole door needs replaced if the broken part isn’t a simple fix or if there is more than one broken piece. Occasionally, as a part is breaking, it can cause damage to the motor around it that can’t be fixed. Sometimes it makes more financial sense to replace the whole door than to spend the money on many parts and the labor required for extensive fixes.

3. Screeching Sounds

A sure sign that you should look into getting a new garage door is if the door is making a loud, screeching noise. Now there are very specific sounds you should be looking for to identify any problems.

If you’ve used your garage door for any length of time you know it’s not silent, even when working right. You become accustomed to its creaking but it’s still there. Any noise that’s louder than usual and out of the ordinary should be investigated.

It’s common that the chain and motor may make more noise if they get dirty or jammed. Cleaning around the chain and the parts themselves usually will remedy this and the noise should go away altogether. If that’s not the case and the noise persists, you likely have a bigger problem.

When you hear these loud, screeching noises you need to take immediate action. It’s the first sign of a real problem and you don’t want to get stuck with an unusable garage door until it can get replaced.

4. Lacking Security

Every year there are more than 2.5 million burglaries across the country. Many of those burglars gain access to space through the garage door. It’s a high-security risk if it’s not functioning.

As garage doors have become more available and popular, their designs have improved dramatically. The materials used now give them much better security than older models. Older styles often don’t seal off properly, which gives an intruder the opportunity to force the door open and can then enter your home.

One way to notice if your door is sealed or not is to notice if there are places that water or light can get through. That can show possible vulnerabilities that you can investigate further.

Getting a new garage door with more security features is a great way to protect your home and assets.

5. Damaged or Out of Style

Garage doors are used multiple times a day and then are exposed to the elements while not in use. They take a beating and often start to show that after a few years.

Small dings and dents can be fixed and a new coat of paint can make the whole door look like new.

But sometimes you get a larger dent that can be more harmful to the function of the door. If the dent is big enough it can make it so the door can’t move freely along its track and, therefore, can’t open or close properly. When that’s the case, you’ll usually need to replace the door.

And then there are times when your garage door has just been so beaten up over the years that it doesn’t match the rest of your house. Garage door styles change along with other house trends. So updating your door can make a dramatic impact on the overall look of your home.

It’s Time to Replace the Garage Door

A garage door is a great asset in a home. It makes the home much more accessible and, honestly, makes life much easier. SO much so, that when they stop working it can really impede your daily routine and disrupt your normal life.

Replacing your broken garage door can get you back to normal and give you all your convenience back. That’s money well-spent in our book!

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