4 DIY Garage Door Repair and Maintenance Hacks

Did you know the average American house has nine DIY jobs that need to get finished? If you’re ready to fix your garage door or maintain it, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over garage door repair tips.

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  1. Weather Seal

Have you noticed rodent droppings, water, or dirt in your garage? If you see these signs, your weather seal will need to get replaced.

To weather seal your door, you’ll add or replace the bottom door seal. Measure the bottom seal, and identify the style. Before you head to a hardware store, make sure you measure the width of your garage door.

  1. Fix a Garage Door That Doesn’t Close Easily

If your garage door doesn’t close, you could have a problem with the photo-eye.

The photo-eye is a safety feature. It uses an infrared beam that prevents the garage door from closing on an object, pet, or person in the path.

If the photo-eyes get blocked or become misaligned, the garage door will stop closing.

The garage door light will blink when this issue occurs. To fix the problem, you’ll need to remove debris, dirt, moisture, or cobwebs from the photo-eye units.

Make sure there isn’t anything near the door that’s blocking the sensor’s infrared beams like bikes, tools, or toys.

You can avoid an unnecessary service call by making sure nothing is blocking the sensors.

  1. Clean Your Garage Door

You can boost your home’s curb appeal and maintain your garage door by cleaning it.

Use a rag and mild soap to wash your door. You’ll want to use a cloth, soft bristle brush, or sponge to clean the door. Rinse the door well with clean water after scrubbing it down.

To maintain the finish of your steel garage door and protect it from corrosive salt air, use spray-on car wax. You can add it to the surface of your garage door at least twice a year.

You’ll also want to clean your glass garage door windows with vinegar and water or dish soap. When you’re in a cleaning mode, clear away any debris out of the guide track.

  1. Fix a Loud Garage Door

A noisy garage door can occur from metal parts that need lubrication, worn rollers, or loose parts.

Spray lubricant on roller bearings, hinges, springs, and lift cables every three months.

Tighten any loose bolts and nuts on your track and garage door. Watch out for worn hinges and rollers. Make sure you replace broken ones.

If you notice your door is still loud after lubricating the metal parts, talk to a professional. Call a garage door maintenance specialist, like Garage Harmony.

Now You Have Some Garage Door Repair Tips

We hope this guide on repairing garage doors was helpful. Make sure you clean the doors, fix loose bolts, and spray the door with lubricant. Use these garage door repair tips to keep your door in good shape.

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