How Much Does It Cost to Furnish a House? A Price Guide

Congratulations on your new home! Furnishing a house is a great way to get settled, express your style, and make your home everything you’ve dreamed it would be. But, how much does it cost to furnish a house?

Depending on what you already have, there’s a wide range of possibilities for furnishing your home. If this is your first place and you’re wondering “how much does furniture cost?”, we’ll break down each room so you can estimate your own total cost.

The cost to furnish a house largely depends on how many rooms you have and how minimalist your style is. However, with any budget, you can make your home exactly how you like it.

Let’s get started!

Living Room

The living room is going to be the most cash if you’re wondering how much to furnish a house. Furniture costs can vary greatly, so do some research prior to setting a budget. At the very least, a couch, a coffee table, a chair, and a media stand are pretty basic. Add on a rug, shelving, some lighting, and end tables to make space truly feel like your own.

Depending on where you get your furniture, you’ll likely spend at least $2,000. Couches are the most expensive piece in the living room and they’re well worth the investment. Consider DIYing or shopping at antique shops for discounted, used furniture.

Low end: $2,000

High end: $13,000


If you’re starting from nothing, a bedframe, mattress, nightstands, and bureau are the basics. You can expect to spend between $250-$3,000 on a mattress depending on your needs. Online mattress companies like Tuft & Needle are growing and typically cost less than going to a mattress store.

With the added bedframe and other bedroom necessities, here’s an estimate per bedroom.

Low end: $1,000

High end: $5,000

Dining Room

Dining room tables are the primary cost here, with the addition of perhaps a china cabinet or rug. Tables and chairs run between $300 and a few thousand dollars, depending on how many people you’re seating.

These furniture collections are great for furnishing your dining room and have options for every budget.

Low end: $500

High end: $10,000

Office or Bonus Room

Whether you have a spare room for a media center, craft room, or office, you’ll likely have a few extra furniture costs. Basic desk and chair sets will set you back around $250, while a large media center can cost $1,000.

Consider your budgetary restrictions when setting up your bonus room. Alternatively, live in your new home for a bit until you decide how to use it!

Low end: $500

High end: $3,000

How Much Does It Cost to Furnish a House?

All in all, you should budget between $4,000 and $30,000 to get new furniture, lighting, and storage for your home. If you need to reduce costs, look for used furniture, free decor, or cheap art prints on sites like Etsy.

Now you’re no longer wondering how much does it cost to furnish a house, get to it! For inspiration and style tips, check out the rest of our blog.