Top Mistakes That Home Decor Projects Make

Decorating is all about the things you do, the colors you select, the furniture you love and the accessories you choose to make your space look perfect. Decoration can be fun and complementary and costly. However, sometimes homeowners cut too many corners to save money and the result is anything but attractive.

The good news is that it is easy and attractive to decorate your house by avoiding some common decorating mistakes. The goal is the same: to enhance the beauty of your home and create an attractive inviting space. Before you begin, be sure to avoid the 8 mistakes which can make your living rooms look cheap and less-than-stunning.

1. Never Choose the Paint Color First

Firstly, don’t choose the paint color. The paint can be changed easily as they are available in thousands of colors.

2. Don’t Push All the Furniture Against the Walls

Sometimes the size of the room makes it tough but try to remove furniture from the walls and create more intimate areas for conversation. This is especially for living rooms and family rooms.

3. Don’t Use Too Many Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are very attractive but do not use so many that you have to move them all over the couch, chair, or bed before you sit or lie down.

It doesn’t mean the look should be repeated in your home, just because it’s displayed that way in a store.

4. Don’t go for Style Over Comfort

Many exceptional items seem wonderful, yet they are uncomfortable. Always think about how you will utilize the item before you buy it.

5. The Wrong Lighting

You can feel tacky and overwhelmed when you are in an oversaturated bright room. Make sure your space has nice lighting. Super-high watt bulb may be too harsh for your bedroom, while space feels gloomy and dark with a dim lamp.

6. An Overstuffed Entryway

Maintain your space as tidy and well-organized. You can use your entryway as a place to toss odds and ends, but spiraling out of control is easy.

Your entryway should seem polished and stylish because when people enter the home it’s the first thing people see. To ensure the area is classy and usable, invest in a few pieces of functional furniture and distinctive art.

Plus, don’t hug artwork too high. The artwork is hung at eye level approximately. This varies amongst individuals, so please use your judgment. But on the side of the bottom is better than on the top.

7. A Too Small Rug

Are you thinking of buying an area rug that is too small? Stamp-size postal rugs are one of the most common decorative errors. All the furniture must be on the rug.

The jute rod in the center of the room may go with the decor but the size of it makes the space feel off-balanced. When you choose a rug, be sure that it is large enough to go under your furniture so that it does not just float in the room.

8. Overdone themes

While decorating can be entertaining, people usually get sick of themes quickly. These themes can become outdated. Then you have to pay extra money to replace items that you no longer want.

Theme decorating goes well in the kid’s room. After that, decorating themes should be replaced with decorating styles- a different approach is required to do so.


Home decoration is important since it all affects our self-perception, confidence, and productivity. Go ahead with wholesale home décor and buy a new cushion or art if it makes you happy.

You don’t treat yourself, you create an environment in which you might be your finest version!