5 Unique Ways to Make Sure You’re Choosing Lights That Work for Your Home’s Style

The right light fixtures can make or break your home’s overall decor. Choosing lights that are useful and pretty can be quite difficult.

How can you make sure you cover all your bases and have your accent lights in the right area?

Don’t worry, we got you. Here are five things to consider when choosing light fixtures for your home.

1.Functionality Is Key

First and foremost the light fixtures you choose for your home need to be chosen based on functionality. It won’t matter how cool your fixtures look if they don’t properly light up your home when you need them to.

With light fixtures, you definitely get what you pay for. This is not an area to lower your budget. Save the bargain shopping for another aspect of your home. The quality of your light fixtures is more important than buying overpriced bath towels.

Interior-deluxe.com has lighting options for every room of your house! From extravagant chandeliers to bedside lamps, you will be able to find everything you need in exceptional quality.

2.Layer Your Lighting

A great trick that home designers use is to have multiple types of lighting to layer the lights inside your home. A layered lighting look can add depth to your design as well as privacy when you need it.

Natural light is always the preferred form of light during the day but during those long winter evenings, lots of light forms are very necessary.

Start with the ceiling light, a chandelier, ceiling fan, recessed lighting, something that lights up the majority of the room. This is commonly referred to as ambient lighting

Put floor lamps in any dark corners, table lamps on tables where you might need a little extra direct lighting. This would be considered task lighting.

And the last layer would be accent lighting and that is just as it sounds, pieces to accentuate specific areas of your home. Drawing attention to a specific architectural design, art piece, or bookcase.

3.Room Specific Lighting

Certain areas of your home will require their own designated lighting.

Your kitchen island should have its own pendant lighting hanging from the ceiling. The entryway to your home should also have its own lighting, choose a pendant or chandelier to make a statement with your light fixture.

You might consider specific vanity lighting for your bathroom. Something that doesn’t create any shadows and offers natural light tones for putting makeup on.

Above your formal dining table, you will want task lighting for an ambient feel while hosting dinner parties.

In the bedrooms of your home, it is always a good idea to choose a fixture that also has a ceiling fan. If you have an infant or are thinking about having children in this home you are definitely going to want to have a ceiling fan in the room that will be the nursery. Air circulation with a ceiling fan has been proved to lessen the risk for SIDS dramatically.

4.Accent Lighting Pieces

Areas of your home where a dramatic light fixture would physically fit – we say go for it. Accent pieces can add an extreme amount of style and elegance to your home, and they can even raise the value of your home if it’s done tastefully.

Use accent pieces to create mood lighting in the dining room or a great room. Your accent piece might even be able to be on a light dimmer for an even more extraordinary atmosphere.

You can use accent lighting to accentuate certain areas of your home that otherwise seem mundane. If you have a simple breakfast nook, a statement lighting piece will add a lot of character to that area.

Keep in mind that lighting above tables and islands should mimic the shape of the table. If you do choose a round pendant light for above a rectangle piece of furniture, we recommend centering one and then adding at least one more on either side to light the entire structure.

Take this opportunity to mix a modern and minimalistic styled room and add a unique vintage chandelier. Or incorporate industrial lighting into your farm-house cozy home.

5.Outdoor Lighting

From basic floodlights to outrageously awesome pendants, upgrade your outdoor space with new lighting!

Solar lighting is always a favorite of ours because of its low impact on the environment. These days you can find extremely unique outdoor solar lighting that isn’t going to break. Make sure you’re reading reviews of the solar lights you’re looking at so you know that they will last more than one season.

Wall sconces and pathway lights can add a nice decorative touch while also allowing you and your guests to see where you’re going! If you have a covered patio you can add a fan for air circulation or a large pendant for an accent piece.

Column lighting is perfect for driveway lighting, but be sure not to overdo the outside lighting. You will want to still be able to see the stars and still realize you are outdoors.

Choosing Lights For Your Home

When you are choosing lights for your home it’s important that you choose quality pieces that are going to last for a long time. Lighting is expensive, and you’re probably going to keep this lighting for a very long time. So, choose wisely!

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