Custom Shower Doors: 7 Things To Consider Before Going Frameless

Majority of glass doors come with metal frames, alongside other metals that attach them to the bathroom walls. Until, recently, however, an increasing number of homeowners is choosing custom-made frameless shower door installation for their dream home.

As there are both aesthetic and practical benefits linked to a frameless shower door, it’s easy to get swayed and have it installed. Consider the following points to arrive at an informed decision:

What Are Frameless Shower Doors?

In the past, it was only possible to use glass doors wrapped with metal. With technology, this is no longer the rule, as glass panels can be connected directly to the walls. This frameless door then creates a sleek look and makes the shower space look bigger.

A custom frameless shower door uses metal to the minimum, limited only to the door handles and hinges.

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What To Consider Before Installing Frameless Shower Doors

This type of shower door is an investment, being that customized enclosures are the most expensive of their kind. Before asking a contractor to have it installed, consider if it blends in with your property’s overall theme and your own preferences.

Also, take heed of the following points to ensure you won’t get headaches after investing in a custom frameless shower door:

1. Your Door Style

In choosing the ideal type for your shower, opt for any of the two major classifications: a swinging or a sliding door. While your decision will depend mainly on the size of the bathroom and your preferences, take note that swinging doors require a bigger space for clearance. This assures that your door won’t hit anything once you open it outwards and inwards. Most building codes require doors to mainly open outwards, so you might want to consider this.

Another consideration is whether to place a single or double custom glass shower door. The latter is a viable choice for large-sized bath and shower rooms, while single shower doors are perfect for smaller spaces. A sliding glass door is likewise a good option for small toilets.

2. The Cost

As with other home projects, you’d need to spend both for purchasing a custom shower door and paying for the cost of installation.

Glass shower door installation costs vary depending on the door style, the type of glass materials used, as well as the size. As frameless doors have unique mounting materials, they need custom installations, which are pricier than traditional ones.

Overall, the average installation cost for a glass shower enclosure is USD $916. Additionally, a frameless shower glass door can cost anywhere from USD $300 to USD $2,000.

When added together, a frameless glass shower door could carry a price tag that’s as low as USD $600 to as high as USD $1,900, on average.

3. Consider The Shower Curb

You can install a frameless glass shower on a curb or by attaching it at level with the floor. A curb can help keep your bathroom clean and stay dry, as it prevents water from pooling and leaking onto the floor. If you want to have a curb installed, ask your contractor to skew it inwards at a five-degree slope to maximize its draining functions.

If your main concern is to have an accessible shower and nothing else, you can opt to skip the curb.

4. The Integrity And Shape Of Your Wall

As with other types of doors, a frameless glass shower door needs the support of a strong wall. This wall should be able to support the weight of the glass, which could reach up to 200 pounds.

To ensure that the wall is able to support the glass door, choose a bathroom wall where at least two studs can be placed to attach the enclosure panels, hinges, and other supportive devices.

Apart from structural integrity, you should make sure that the wall is as vertical as possible. This is to prevent gaps and spaces where water can seep through. A precisely vertical wall can also ensure that uneven joints and hinge binding are prevented.

5. The Shape And Dimensions Of Your Shower Space

Shape and Size Of Your Shower Space

Renovating a bathroom requires contractors to determine the size and shape of the space to be remodeled. Installing a custom frameless glass door is no different.

Some may prefer an all-corner glass enclosure for their shower area, while some may only need partial coverage. Regardless, a homeowner should be able to have an accurate measurement and actual representation of the shape of the shower.

Additionally, make sure that the angles of the shower glass are limited to 180, 135, or 90 degrees because connectors only come in these choices.

6. The Shower Head Position

Apart from the curb, the key to having a clean and efficiently-draining shower area is to position the shower head properly. A well-thought-out shower head placement helps prevent and minimize water leakage.

Placing the shower directly towards the glass panels or tiled wall can help you achieve this goal. Inversely, having it located at a position that’s opposite to the door will make the area prone to leaks.

7. Transparency

Different types of glass doors have various transparencies. Each has its own pros and cons. Two of the more common types are clear glass and frosted or bubble glass. Between the two, clear glass is more sophisticated, but requires more maintenance and frequent cleaning. Some contractors often place a coating on the glass that makes it less prone to fogging and more resistant to water.

On the other hand, a frosted glass offers more privacy and less work overall.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to your shower doors, a glass enclosure is always a great idea. It combines a sense of style and function; allowing you to have a more enjoyable experience.

Adding frameless glass shower doors often heightens a homeowner’s unique design choices. They can also create the illusion of a wide area for space-deprived bathrooms. Glass doors are likewise easy to clean and maintain as compared to the other types.

For these reasons and more, a frameless glass shower door is an investment worth looking into, especially if you’re planning to increase your home’s overall value.