The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Industrial Water Distiller

Distilling is one of the most effective ways of removing contaminants from drinking water. It is also one of the most economic.

Here is your ultimate guide to choosing the best industrial water distiller for your home or business.

Why Distilled Water?

Distillation is one of several industrial water treatments. Filtration, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet light also prevent illness through the water. Water softeners treat hard water and do not kill harmful viruses and bacteria.

Water that is distilled is heated up to boiling temperatures until it turns into vapor. Heat kills microorganisms, including viruses and bacteria, leaving heavy minerals and metals behind. The collected vapor cools back down into distilled water.

Industrial Water Distiller

The initial cost of buying a water distiller for your personal use or for your business might seem intimidating. However, it’s just a drop in the bucket when compared to buying bottled water over time.

An industrial water distiller is the most economic, most effective water treatment option.

Choosing the Right Machine

Now that you’ve decided to buy, how do you choose the right machine? There are several main factors to consider when looking at distillers.

Manual Versus Automatic Fill

A manual fill machine will require you to pour the water you want to distill in by hand each time. This is then collected in a sterilized container. Meanwhile, an automatic fill machine can be hooked up to a water system and linked to a dedicated faucet, for example.

Distillation and Storage

If your needs require a large volume of distilled water, you likely want an automatic fill machine with a decent-sized storage tank. With this, you can avoid having to fill the distiller by hand and waiting for the process to complete each time.

You want to take a look at how much water you are likely to use before deciding how much you need to distill and store. The average person uses up to 100 gallons of water a day. Of course, not all 100 gallons are used for drinking and cooking, however, nearly 20% of all the water used comes from faucets.

Individuals and families can likely use a smaller machine that will distill about 10 gallons a day and store about 25 gallons. Commercial machines like those found in hospitals can distill and store hundreds of gallons a day. A commercial water distiller would be best suited for businesses or very large residential properties.

The Purest Water Treatment

Distilled water is more popular now than ever. The benefits of this highly effective water treatment are becoming more widely known. Whether it’s being used for drinking water, cooking, cleaning, or for plants and pets, distilled water is the purest water you can produce.

Now that you’ve got the facts about industrial water treatment, find a professional installer near you. Get a water distilling system for your home or business and keep your family or customers happy and healthy.

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