Making Your Garage Door Eco-Friendly

As more attention turns to global warming, there are simple things you can do to play your role in reducing harm to the environment. No doubt your garage door is an important part of your home, and keeping it in good condition is critical. But you can make your garage door eco-friendly in several ways.

Quality Materials

High-quality garage door materials reduce the cost of maintenance and repairs that use more energy resources. Ensure the garage door has sustainable materials and is free from harmful substances that hurt the ozone layer, such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Wood composite doors and wooden doors from manufacturers that follow eco-friendly best practices are ideal.

Aluminum and steel are also recyclable and a route you can consider. But keep in mind these materials may need painting. Go further and ensure the paint is low in volatile organic compounds.

Keep Up with the Maintenance

Installation of a durable garage door goes a long way into ensuring eco-friendliness. However, you need to keep up with its maintenance to ensure it lasts and reduces harm to the ecosystem, even though the effect may be small.

At a minimum, schedule an annual inspection by a professional, such as Austin’s Greater Garage Doors. Thoroughly clean the door on the interior and exterior parts at least once every year to eliminate any elements that may accelerate wear and tear.

Moreover, lubricate the various metal components regularly to reduce friction and breakdowns. Keep the laser safety sensors clean at all times for efficiency.

Focus on Energy Efficiency

One of the largest openings to your house is the garage, and they can be a significant source of energy loss. The garage doors can be the main passageway for copious amounts of cold or hot air in the absence of good quality insulation. This increases your energy costs.

An eco-friendly garage door has good quality insulation to maintain temperatures at a comfortable level. In addition, its windows are energy-efficient, and all garage parts are in good working condition.

If necessary, opt for a garage door spring replacement if the current one has issues. A faulty mechanism needs a bit more energy resources to function, plus it is a health hazard.

The Energy Draw

A more energy-efficient and eco-friendly option for the electric garage door is a solar-powered opener. Alternatively, you can get an opener that requires minimal power on standby mode. This saves your purse in the long run and reduces possible harm to the environment.


Spending less on energy costs and reducing your impact on the environment. Maybe as simple as choosing proper insulation for the garage. A properly insulated garage reduces the energy draw, and the HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to control temperatures.

Your garage has one of the largest footprints in your home, and so the better the insulation, the better it is for the entire home. Some of the tips you can use to increase eco-friendliness include covering the perimeter of the garage door with cotton fiber. Also, make sure to caulk properly and reseal the garage windows.

Making your garage door eco-friendly doesn’t have to be an uphill task. Simple activities such as lubrication, using solar-powered openers, and keeping up with the maintenance schedule are all steps in the right direction. Play your role to reduce greenhouse emissions and secure the future for the coming generations. It is your duty.