How to make your bedroom look more grown-up and less ‘childish’

Are you seeking a bedroom that’s a little more mature that the one you enjoy right now? Perhaps you’re a blossoming young adult leaving your teenage years behind, or maybe it’s just been far too long since you gave the room any TLC? The bedroom is (arguably) the most important part of the home, so it’s no surprise why you might be feeling like it’s time to give it a makeover.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to adopt a more ‘grown-up’ style, we’ve got some top tips and helpful advice right here. Your new bedroom awaits you!

Get rid of childish colors

A child’s bedroom typically features bright colors devoid of any real design sense. If you want your bedroom to ooze maturity and sophistication, it’s time to get rid of any primary or pastel colors and replace them with neutral colors. Neutral paint colors are calming and gentle on the eye, something all busy adults can appreciate!

Minimalism is best

A simple yet effective way to achieve a grown-up bedroom is to embrace a minimalist attitude when it comes to your furniture and personal belongings. Juveniles are usually messy and don’t understand that “less is more”, so their bedroom is likely to be cluttered with an array of clothes, books, toys, and fixtures. If you want to transform your bedroom, have a good decluttering session – and be ruthless with what gets to stay and what doesn’t!

Be picky with the furniture you want

How you choose to furnish your bedroom will play a huge part in the level of maturity it exudes. Most adults want furniture that is substantial, functional, comfortable, and preferably dark in color. By opting for the same style, you’ll create a safe space that emanates ‘grown-up ‘vibes. Look for quirky, sophisticated table tops and legs for your desk, and choose elegant sheets and drapes for your bed.

Organization is key

It can be quite difficult to find an adolescent who understands and appreciates the art of keeping a room organized, so this is what you need to do to achieve a bedroom worthy of any fully-fledged adult. Time is of the essence when you have a busy life to keep up with, so you don’t have the luxury of spending too long locating this or finding that. When your bedroom transformation is underway, keep organization at the forefront of your mind. Using under-bed space and investing in storage boxes is a great place to start. Also Read – 9 Effective Ways to Fund Your House Renovations

Leave the television downstairs

By now, we should all be familiar with the detrimental impact television in the bedroom can have on both our mental and physical health. In fact, it’s strongly associated with being overweight and a higher risk for smoking. The bedroom is meant for sleeping, and therefore you shouldn’t add any additional hurdles to prevent this from happening easily every night. Leaving the television downstairs is not only a fantastic lifestyle decision but also a great interior decision. A tech-free bedroom can take your space from adolescence to maturity with ease.