Uses of Knee Pillows for Back Pain

Sleep is one of the most important parts of life which always leads to a healthy and comfortable life. Getting sufficient sleep daily which ranges between 7 to 9 hours per night helps one to be mentally, physically, healthily, and mentally. People who struggle with pain may find it difficult to rest well since they two are like a two-sided coin.

To move to pass this, using a knee pillow can help in relieving any pain, leaving the user strong and healthy. This guide will explain the uses and advantages of sleeping with a knee pillow between the legs. Wondering how these magic pillows look? You can visit this product on amazon and choose the best one.

What is a knee pillow?

The knee support pillow has a rectangular shape with two rounded notches that can be utilized in providing adequate to the body. The pillow is made with memory foam which curves the shape of the body and knees to keep them apart which in turn increases the flow of blood. Some knee cushions are made with straps that help the user remain stable while in use. The strap is great for people who tend to move a lot while asleep.

Are knee pillows good for you?

Yes, knee pillows provide pain relief while improving one’s sleep. Using knee support when sleeping is a great means of relieving pressure on the spine, enhancing sleep posture, and even alleviating symptoms of acid reflux, snoring, and sleep apnea.

Improves sleep posture

Having a good sleeping posture is important as it greatly influences one’s ability to sleep peacefully and void of pain. Having at least seven to 8 hours of sleep with a poor sleeping posture can be quite painful and uncomfortable. When the hips and knees dip sideways, it usually leads to a poor sleeping position but having a support pillow in-between the knees helps in promoting a healthy sleeping posture as it keeps the knees separated and the spine well-aligned.

Better circulation

Lying down or sleeping sideward is not good for the proper and healthy flow of blood. Blood tends to gather when one lies down which can add pain levels while sleeping sideward can cause the knees to touch which can limit the flow of blood in the legs. The knee support pillow can resolve this problem by stopping the knees from joining so blood can circulate freely.

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea takes place when the airway of the body is interrupted which makes the individual wake up. This occurs because instead of the muscles relaxing as they are supposed to when one is asleep, it is under pressure. Ergonomic knee pillows help to prevent sleep apnea as they reduce the pressure around the muscle area

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Having open airways is important and helps in preventing snoring. Side sleeping increases the chance of snoring which can be controlled by the knee support pillow. One is likely to snore when their airways are blocked.

Acid reflux

Acid reflux occurs when stomach acid passes through the esophagus and then to the mouth. There is a tendency of this to happen when one is asleep because the blend of gravity while laying down gives room for acid to move upwards. Using a knee cushion can aid in reducing acid reflux while improving comfortable sleeping conditions and long hours of adequate rest.