How to Make an Old Home Feel New

Old homes possess a unique charm and character, but making them feel modern and updated may require additional effort. There are various ways to give your place a fresh start to your recently purchased older home or revitalize your current living space. Below are some fantastic tips to make an old home feel new:

Refresh Your Walls

Giving any room in the house an instant facelift is easy by painting or wallpapering the walls. Choose colors that are on-trend but also complement the existing style of your home, such as navy blue for a touch of modern elegance or pastels for a softer atmosphere. If you’re feeling ambitious, add wainscoting for a classic look or even murals for something unique. Remember to choose the right paint finish, too, matte paints are best for hiding imperfections, while glossier paints offer a more polished look. Properly prepare walls so your new colors will hold up for years.

Update the Flooring

Hardwood floors are timeless and can add a touch of sophistication to any home if installed properly and cared for regularly. For those who prefer carpet, look into low-file options with a neutral color palette, which can help to create a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. Consider installing laminate or vinyl planks if you want low-maintenance flooring. Both come in various colors and styles that will add character to any room. Ensure your chosen flooring is installed correctly and sealed to prevent long-term damage.

Create an Outdoor Living Space

A deck or patio can be a perfect addition to an old home since it adds functionality and a modern feel. Go beyond the usual deck or patio layout and create a complete outdoor oasis. Consider adding a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen, or a pool to bring a touch of luxury and elevate your outdoor living space to the next level. Upscale outdoor furniture and tasteful d├ęcor can create a cozy atmosphere and make your outdoor space ideal for relaxing with friends and family.

Update the Fixtures

Replacing dated fixtures like ceiling fans or shower heads can help you save energy and money while improving the overall aesthetic and adding dimmable lighting or even smart home technology to add a touch of convenience and modernity. Installing new fixtures doesn’t have to be expensive, as plenty of affordable options are available. Research the different materials and styles before purchasing.

Bring Modern Furnishings

Introducing select modern and contemporary furniture pieces can make your space look fresh and trendy. Buying new furniture doesn’t have to be expensive if you know where to look. With stores such as Kasala offering reasonably priced furniture, you can easily find something that fits your budget and style. You can also wait for clearance sales or shop online for great deals. Mix and match old furniture with new ones to create a balanced contrast.

Landscape Your Yard

Start by mowing and removing overgrown vegetation, then use mulch and soil to create a clean foundation for plants and other greenery. Installing trees, shrubs, flowers, or even an edible garden can make your outdoor space more inviting and add a touch of color. Furthermore, consider installing an outdoor lighting system to create an inviting atmosphere at night. Pathways and garden seating are other great additions that can help make your yard more functional. If you’re feeling adventurous, try creating a water feature or installing a pond for a unique look to bring life to your home. For added privacy, consider planting a hedge or installing a fence around the perimeter of your property.

Update the Kitchen

Consider simpler upgrades if you are unprepared to undertake a comprehensive kitchen renovation. These upgrades include changing the countertop, adding a stylish backsplash, updating the light fixtures, or upgrading the appliances. Painting the cabinets a new color can also make a big difference in the look and feel of your kitchen. If you’re on a tight budget, consider some cost-effective upgrades, like adding open shelves or replacing the handles on your current cabinets. Installing a modern sink and faucet is another excellent way to update your kitchen instantly.

Install New Bathroom Vent Fan

To prevent mold and mildew growth, ensure good air quality, and lower humidity levels, install an energy-efficient vent fan in your bathroom for improved air circulation. When choosing a fan, look for one that meets your size, air volume, and noise level requirements. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing it and mount the vent fan securely and ensure it is properly vented to the outside to remove odors and humidity from your bathroom efficiently. Clean or replace the fan’s filters regularly to ensure it continues performing well.

Update Your Roof

A damaged or outdated roof looks unsightly and can have severe consequences, including leaks and structural damage. Replacing missing or cracked shingles as soon as you notice them is important. You should also invest in new gutters to help keep water away from your foundation and siding. Inspect your roof for any potential leaks or damage that could pose a serious issue in the future. You may need a professional to repair any damage or install new shingles and flashing. Add skylights or sun tunnels to let more natural light into your home.

Add New Window Treatment

Consider installing blinds, shades, or shutters to give the room a more inviting and updated look. You can also add curtains to layer up the design. Curtains, especially sheer ones, are great for softening harsh sunlight and making the room appear more spacious. Roman shades are ideal for large windows as they come in all sizes and provide a neat, tailored look. For extra privacy, consider installing blackout curtains or motorized shades that can be controlled with your smartphone.

In summary, making your old home feel new is not rocket science. You can achieve a fresh and modern look by incorporating these simple tips such as bringing in modern furnishings, lightening and brightening spaces, updating your roof, creating a functional outdoor living area, installing new bathroom vent fans, adding houseplants, updating windows, and landscaping your yard. Following these tips, your old home can become a stunning reflection of your taste and style.