How To Make a Balloon Arch?

Balloon arches are the perfect element of decor that takes your celebrations to the next level. If you are looking for a way to make your parties much brighter and beautiful then this article is here to help you. Balloon arches brighten up every party whether it is outdoors or indoors. They go with birthday parties, bridal showers, dinner parties, and even anniversary parties. We know that making a balloon arch all alone seems like a difficult task. But it is in reality quite easy if you just follow the right instructions. Keep reading to find out the different ways in which you can make balloon arches whether with or without a stand and more.

How To Make a Balloon Arch at Home

How To Make a Balloon Arch Using Arch Strip

If you are making a DIY balloon arch at home then these are the materials you will be needing. The most important material of course is balloons! Go to your closest convenience store and buy balloons of different colors and shades. You can also buy balloons that have various different patterns. Buy them in packets to save money. The next thing you will need is a balloon pump. You can skip buying a balloon pumper if you think that you will be able to blow all the balloons by yourself.

Since blowing balloons is tiring, we recommend that you get a balloon pumper. You don’t have to buy one, you can borrow it or rent one. The next thing you need to remember to buy is a fishing line. To build a balloon arch, you will need a frame. A fishing line works as a balloon arch frame. You can buy a roll of fishing line of any size. We recommend buying the clear fishing line so that it is not visible after you construct the balloon arch.

The next thing you will need is a glue gun. It will be better if you buy a low-temperature glue gun. This is because a hot glue gun could puncture the balloons and make it difficult for you to construct the arch. Another thing you can buy to add to your arch is fresh flowers and greenery. If you add foliage and fresh flowers to your balloon arch it will make the arch even more beautiful. Your guest will also really like this natural touch. You will also need hooks to hang the final arch.

How To Make a Balloon Arch On Wall

Making a balloon arch on your own is very simple if you know the process. Balloon arches are a very beautiful party decoration item that will only add to the fun of a party. The best part about them is that they are really cheap and inexpensive to make. Thus, you will be able to decorate your home without having to pay too much. It also does not take any strength or a particular skill set to make. Hence it is relatively easier to make.

First, make a sketch of the balloon arch you want and bring all the tools and materials together. Your sketch does not have to be too complex. Just for your convenience make a rough plan of the shape you want the arch to be in. Thus, this will help you when you are constructing the arch. You may use sticky or metal hooks with a hammer and nails. However, sticky hooks will be better because metal hooks are permanent and they will remain even after the party is over. Lastly, you will also need scissors and clear plastic tape. You will need the scissors to cut the fishing line so that you can hang your balloon arch. You will also need clear tape as a backup to correct a mistake if anything goes wrong.

Now it is time to start blowing up the balloons. After you have blown them and tied them with the string, use the glue gun to attach them to the frame. Thus now you have to cut the arch at the end of the frame. First, tie a knot at the end of the fishing line. This is to ensure that the balloons stay on the line. Now cut the line so that you can hang the arch on the wall.

How To Make a Balloon Arch without Helium

Helium is not an essential tool to make a balloon arch. Just use a normal air balloon pumper or blow the balloons with your mouth. Also, buy a blunt needle. You need a needle to string the balloons together. It will be better if the needle is blunt because it will make the process safer so that you don’t have to hurt yourself or prick your finger on it. After the balloons are blown start gluing them to the balloon arch frame. You can also thread the balloons together. Make the arch as full as you can so that it looks good. Now it is time to hang the balloon arch. Use sticky hooks to hang the arch on the frame.

Finally, you can also add some fresh flowers and leaves to the balloon arch to give it a natural touch. This will also make the arch look attractive as well as add in some extra texture. You can also add other decorations according to the theme of the celebration of your party. If you are organizing a Halloween party add some scary stickers or spider toys. You can also add balloon animals if it is a children’s birthday party or heart-shaped balloons if it is an anniversary celebration.

Thus, your balloon arch is ready. This arch should last for about a week. If you are able to store it properly it can even last for more than a week. You can put the arch right over the buffet dinner table so that the guests can admire the arch while they enjoy their food. The other places where you can put the balloon arch are above the dining table or above the entryway. You can also put the balloon arch near the gift table or as a photo booth backdrop!

How To Make a Balloon Arch Outside

Balloon Arch Outside

To make a balloon arch for a party outdoors you just have to use a frame that is quite sturdy. Build your own balloon frame out of plywood or PVC. After your frame is built you can hang the balloon arch on the frame. Use sticky hooks or metal hooks with a hammer and nail to do this.

First, check whether the arch will fit in the place you are trying to hang it in. Place the arch against the wall and mark the places where the hooks will go. Finally, stick the hooks or hammer them on the marked spots. It will be easy for you to put up the arch by hanging small sections at a time. Clear a section on the wall and stick the hooks on it. Now hang the fishing line on it. Thus, the next section will be cleared for you to attach the hooks to the wall.

Repeat this process till your arch is completely attached to the wall of your choice. You may also glue the arch to the frame. A tip that will be useful to you is to use a low-temperature gun. If you use a low-temperature gun you can avoid popping the balloons. When you are attaching the gun to the arch frame the temperature of the metal tip of the gun will rise a lot. Thus you should not touch the tip of the gun to the surface of the balloon if you don’t want to burst the balloon. Just hover the gun on top of the balloon so that a drop of glue falls on the surface of the balloon.

Thus, you have a sturdy balloon arch you can just place outdoors to make your party beautiful!

How To Make a Balloon Arch with Only Balloons

Balloon Arch with Only Balloons

How To Make a Balloon Arch without a Stand

You do not need a frame to build a balloon arch. You can make a balloon arch with just balloons! Thus, you can create unique shapes like a garland or a swirl by just threading the blown balloons into a line. The balloon line will be quite flexible and you can just hang it on a wall. First, blow up the balloons in different sizes. This will add some diversity to your balloon arch. Another tip is to keep in mind the colors that you are using. You can use the color palette to create a lot of interesting patterns.

Knot the thread two or three times to make sure it does not come off. Then you have to pass the needle through the knot of a blown-up balloon. One thing you must keep in mind is that you must keep your fingers to one side of the knot. Be very careful when you are pushing the needle through the knot. Thus you will be able to avoid injuries. A tip to keep in mind is that you can use a thimble when threading the needle. This is because the knot can be thicker than you think it is. Hence the thimble will help you to apply extra force and protect you from injury.

After the needle has been threaded it is time to slide the rest of the balloons down the line. Keep sliding the balloons on the line till the line is as long as you would want it to be. Thus your balloon arch is now ready. Hang it to give your party trendy decor.

How To Make a Balloon Arch Stand

Balloon Arch Stand

You can make a balloon arch stand very easily just by using plywood. You can also use a timber board. Thus, you will need to go to the nearest hardware store and buy these materials to start making the arch stand. You will need a timber board which can be either plywood or blockboard. The dimensions of this board should be 30 cm in length and width and it should be 2 cm thick. You will also need a half-inch pipe flange made out of metal. Buy a threaded conduit or a pole made of PVC. Buy a pole that is as long as you want your balloon arch to be. Finally, you will also need screws. Screws will help you to attach the flange to the timber board. You will also need a screwdriver and fine sandpaper.

First, you have to make sure that the timber board does not have any sharp corners. It also should not have any rough patches on the surface. Thus, if you find these problems, use sandpaper to make the surface smooth. Then you have to use a ruler and markers to mark two diagonal lines from each corner of the timber board. After marking these lines you will find the center of the board. Put a pipe flange in the center of the board and use a screwdriver to screw it into place. The pipe flange should be half an inch long. Finally, take this conduit and screw it into the flange! Thus, your DIY balloon arch stand is now ready.

How To Make a Balloon Arch Frame From Pvc

You can make a DIY balloon stand with PVC pipes. Balloon arches make a very impressive decoration for parties. You can use it as a background for photographs or for a charity event. You can even use it at weddings or at a birthday party.

First, you have to create an X shape using a PVC pipe and attach the pipes to each other. Use duct tapes to secure the pipes to each other. This is going to serve as a base for the balloon arch stand. If you are making a balloon stand pole you will need only one base. However, if you are making an arch you will need two bases. One base will go on one side of the arch. You can attach the two bases to each other using duct tape. Another way of attaching the bases to each other is by cutting holes in the stands. Then you can put one stand through the other one.

How To Make a Balloon Arch Frame

You can make a balloon arch frame with a number of materials including PVC and Timberwood or any other kind of ply you have available. We would recommend using PVC because it is sturdy and long-lasting. First, you have to cut the PVC pipe. The easiest way to cut a PVC pipe is to use an X acto knife. You must remember to make sure that the knife has razors that are fresh and not used before. This is because fresh blades will make cutting easier.

You have to also remember to be very careful when you are using sharp cutting tools because you can hurt yourself. Next, arrange the pipes into the shape that you want your arch to take. Use duct tape to join the pipes. Thus you have your balloon arch frame! You can make your arch very colorful or use a single color to create a statement arch. Also, blow some extra balloons so that you can fill up any extra spaces that might be there. After the balloons are blown, glue them to the frame. Thus you can now hang the balloon arch to add some extra decor to a party!