5 Harmless Spiders That Only Look Super Scary

If you asked most people, they’d probably tell you that they’re not a fan of spiders. For others, spiders might be petrifying, while others have a legitimate, crippling fear of these eight-legged creatures, known as arachnophobia.

Sure, spiders look pretty menacing. With their many legs (why are there so many?), multiple sets of eyes, pincers, and fangs, spiders get a bad rap the world over. But in reality, spiders are highly misunderstood, and many of them aren’t as scary as they look at all.

To learn more about scary-looking yet harmless spiders, read the rest of this blog if you dare!

1. The Wolf Spider (One of the World’s Most Harmless Spiders)

While the wolf spider is especially large, there is an evolutionary reason for this. And no, it’s not to scare or harm humans. Wolf spiders are so named because they are predators and actually hunt down/ambush their prey, instead of using their webs to capture them.

This is why they are so large — so that they have the strength and stamina to catch and take home their feed. The Carolina wolf spider measures an average of one inch across the body or 2.5 centimeters. But it’s the long legs that make up its width. While this spider does have a stash of venom, they are totally harmless to humans. A spider bite will only leave you with mild pain and swelling or itching.

2. The Huntsman Spider

You may or may not have heard of this infamous spider that has a reputation of its own in countries like Australia. The huntsman is a huge spider, in fact, it’s the largest of all spiders due to its incredible leg span. The giant huntsman spider has a leg span of a whopping 12-inches or 30 centimeters.

Naturally, this makes huntsman spider identification pretty easy — they’re not easy to miss! Just like wolf spiders, they hunt and ambush their prey, hence their large size. While they also have venom, the huntsman is not dangerous to humans. A bite from one of these spiders is not fatal but may cause headaches, nausea, elevated heart rate, and vomiting.

3. Tarantulas

These giant, furry arachnids have a reputation that precedes them. Most people know what tarantulas look like and have a deep fear of them. Not only because of their large size, but their menacing colors, and large fangs. The largest of all tarantulas is the Goliath birdeater, with a leg span of over 11-inches or 28 centimeters.

However, tarantulas are completely harmless to humans. Their bite is the equivalent of nothing more than a bee or a wasp sting!

4. The Sierra Wandering Spider

Native to the desert landscapes of Southern California and Mexico, the wandering spider measures in with a leg span of 9-inches or 23 centimeters. In other words, they measure the width of your average size dinner plate.

This arachnid is not harmful to humans, although they may look it with large red fangs, numerous eyes, and long legs covered in what looks like spikes. They are nocturnal, dwell in the caves of this region, and pose no venomous threat to humans.

5.The Camel Spider

Also known as wind scorpions, sun spiders, and solifuges, the camel spider is neither a true spider nor a true scorpion. Instead, it appears to be a mix of the two and its own species which falls into a class of Arachnida. And what could be more menacing than the look of these two creepy-crawlies combined?

They are also very large creatures, measuring an average of 6-inches across or 15 centimeters. This being said, they are completely non-threatening to humans.

Keep Your Home Pest-Free

The reality is that harmless spiders are everywhere, no matter where you live, unless of course, that’s the Arctic Circle. The key to managing your fear of spiders is understanding that most of them are more afraid of you, than you are of them!

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