13 Questions to Ask a Fencing Contractor Before Hiring

The summer is approaching, and you are in the market for a new fence. You have an idea of what you want, but you’re not sure how to find a reputable fencing contractor to do the work.

Hiring the best fencing contractor is an important decision. Whether you are building or repairing your fence, choosing the right company for the job is crucial.

A professional contractor will be able to provide high-quality workmanship at competitive prices. This blog post outlines key questions to ask a potential fencing contractor before hiring them on your project. Take note of these tips and use them in your search.

1. How Long Have You Been in Business?

The timeframe a contractor has been in business is an important consideration. A fencing contractor who has been in the business for a long time will likely offer more expertise and higher quality products than one that is new to the industry.

Long experience also attracts capable employees and a good reputation in the industry.

2. Can You Show Proof of Your Work?

Seeing completed projects is the best way to get an idea of what the company will provide for you. Ask them if they have any online galleries or portfolio sites that show their work.

This question might seem like a no-brainer, but it isn’t always common practice with some contractors. If they don’t offer this, then that’s not a good sign.

3. Do You Offer Warranty?

A professional fencing contractor should provide a warranty on their products against breaks in fencing materials, workmanship errors, etc. This protects customers from costly repairs and replacements down the line.

If something goes wrong with the installation of the fence, then this might be covered under warranty. A reputable fencing contractor should always have some kind of agreement in place which outlines their liability for these types of incidents.

4. Is Your Company Insured?

A reputable fencing company generally carries the minimum required insurance to operate its business. This is important, as it ensures that if something does go wrong, they are legally covered. It also means they can complete any work for you without any risk of losing money or risking potential lawsuits.

General liability insurance is the bare minimum that any local fencing contractor should have. If they do not, it could indicate risk.

5. What Type of Fences Do They Deal With?

Some fencing contractors are experts in a specific type of fencing. For example, they might be an aluminum company that only deals with that material and does not offer anything else. Choose a contractor based on the type of fence they install the most.

If you want a horizontal wood fence, choose one that has experience with wood fences.

6. Do You Provide Free Estimates?

A reputable fencing company will always provide a quote for the work before it is started. This protects both parties from unexpected costs. It also allows the contractor to outline what they feel needs doing so the customer can make fully informed decisions about how much money should be allocated to this particular job.

7. What Are Your Hours of Operation?

It is expected for a fencing contractor to be available during normal business hours, so this one may seem like an obvious question. However, there are occasions when work needs to be done outside these times, which means flexibility in working hours would be crucial.

8. What Is the Expected Lifespan of Your Fencing?

A good fencing company should be able to tell you how long their fences are expected to last. It can depend on several factors, such as the material. But generally, fences should last about 20 years before needing any repairs or replacement.

9. Are There Any Hidden Costs?

It is vital to make sure the price quoted includes everything. So, ask upfront what will be included before getting too far into negotiations. Some companies charge extra for concrete work, whereas others might add fees at the end of jobs, so find out beforehand.

10. How Long Will the Fencing Process Take?

This will depend on the size of your property and whether you are adding a fence to an existing structure or building one from scratch. A general rule is that fencing installation will take two-to-three weeks, but this also depends on factors such as weather conditions.

It’s always worth asking fencing contractors how long their process will take since this can be a factor for those who need the work done as soon as possible or in a hurry.

11. Do You Offer Payment Schemes?

Fencing companies can often work with customers in terms of financing a project. It’s always worth asking before any contracts are signed up. Many reputable fencing contractors would like nothing more than happy clients who pay their bills upfront without hassle.

12. Will You Provide a Written Agreement?

A fencing agreement may be needed to protect the person who will be doing the work, and it can also help when selling your property. The law states that anyone carrying out building or landscaping work on someone else’s land must have a written contract with them before starting any work. If you don’t want to get into trouble, make sure you sign one with the contractor.

13. What Is an Example of Good Customer Service?

It might sound obvious, but many people would agree that taking pride in their business is a great way to look after customers. A fencing company should be polite and professional and should always act responsibly towards everyone from start to finish.

Choose Your Fencing Contractor Today

After reading this blog post, you should have a better idea of what questions to ask when hiring a fencing contractor. These are some of the most critical areas that need to be considered before signing on the dotted line for your new fence installation project.

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