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A garden bar is a bar outside your home- may be in the backyard or garden, that is if you have one. So, you can set up a small stall, or a shed which would work as a bar. Get all your favorite collections of wine, vodka, rum and so much more. Stack them inside the stall. So next, put up a few bar stools in front of the counter. Have a fridge, if possible. Make sure you have some ice inside the bar. So, build shelves. Bring in all your favorite wine glasses and decanters and glass bottles. Therefore, stack them properly. Make some trendy lighting. However, before you actually do the lighting, consider where exactly you are setting up your garden bar. Your garden bar ideas must consider how the natural light works there. Or, if there are lights during the evening.

Garden Bars

Garden bar benefits

Garden bar ideas are very cool these days. So, they have a number of benefits. You can actually open up the bar for customers. Since it is outside your home, you can actually utilize it as a business project. Moreover, the lockdown has bereft many of us of our proper jobs and businesses. So, if you have the space and time to invest, monetizing your garden bar ideas can be excellent. However, you may choose not to monetize as well. It still has a lot of advantages. When you have professional garden bar ideas, you can rely on them for inviting people. So, you can avoid the hassle of night-outs. Moreover, it would save money! You can hire a bartender or get that one friend who is excellent at mixing drinks behind the counter.

The better your garden bar ideas, the better host you can be. So, when you have a garden bar, you do not need to drag a party inside your home. This is beneficial especially in times like these when the pandemic is a big concern. So, for a marriage anniversary or a birthday celebration, you can simply deck up your garden or backyard. Moreover, your garden bar ideas will save your money to book a banquet too. And, it is going to be so much more spacious and fun than your home. Therefore, you can party in every kind of weather if you have really nice garden bar ideas. You host all of them yourself and save yourself a lot of money and toil.

Garden Bars

Garden bar ideas DIY

Lockdown has really got that do-it-yourself ghost in all of us. This is because we are at home mostly and have the time and energy to spend. Therefore, giving shape to your garden bar ideas all by yourself is a pretty good idea. However, you do need to have both time and reasonable skills for it. But, gather your family and work at it! Given below are a few do-it-yourself garden bar ideas.

Decking area garden bar ideas

So, in this case, what people do is they build a platform like a deck at a far corner of their garden. On this platform, they install their garden bar ideas. So, you can just make a hut or stall-like structure and add stools. This is beneficial in two ways. These garden bar ideas would ensure proper water drainage without making the garden dirty. Moreover, having your bar away from the home would mean you would get no noise inside. However, for this, you need to have a little big garden.

Decking area garden bar ideas

Shed garden bar ideas

So, you can have this one if you have humble garden bar ideas with a smaller space. Moreover, this is also the easiest. All you need to do is clean your tool shed. Put your garden tools elsewhere, maybe in the garage. So now, light up the space properly. If there is a lack of space, you can always have a trolley outside. And so there you go, you have your garden bar out of your tool shed.

Shed garden bar ideas

Wall-mounted garden bar ideas

As you can already understand, this one is going to be the best for small spaces. However, this is not a real bar in the sense of the word. You can mount a shelf on the wall. So, the shelf can be a cement one or a wooden one with a hinge. On top of this, you keep your wine and glasses. So, this works only when you feel like having a drink or two sitting amidst your garden flowers, reading a book. If you have proper garden bar ideas, this would not be a great idea.

Wall-mounted garden bar ideas

Potting bench garden bar ideas

So, this can be a brilliant space for your garden bar ideas if you have certain constraints. Now, these constraints can be money, space, or energy. Hence, this idea saves you from all that asks more from you. All you need to do is buy a potting bench and color it as per the vibe you want it to give off. Now, instead of pots and cacti, you place wine glasses and bottles. Keep it in a corner. Moreover, you do not even need a stool. You can just go, mix yourself a drink, and have it!

Cocktail garden bar ideas

So, the pandemic has destroyed most of our social lives. We are stuck at home whenever the cases rise. So, vacationing is not always a suitable idea during these times. However, you can bring the cocktail bars at the beach to your home! If you have such amazing garden bar ideas, all you need is a bit of time and space. So, at one corner of the garden, make the set-up for your garden bar ideas. Put bamboo poles for the basic structure. Now, put straw on top as a thatched roof. Give luxurious lighting with bulbs. Moreover, make it airy and set up benches. Have a speaker inside and there you go!

Garage garden bar ideas

So now, this is a very easy thing to do, particularly if you have an unused car. Move it out and get ready with your garden bar ideas. So, this is already a proper closed place. Therefore, you do not need to build anything at all. Moreover, it would give you privacy. If you have a small backyard, then you do not consume any extra space. And, the entire thing will be less noisy. So, all you need to do is open the shutters, and clean up the space. Next thing, light it up properly. Moreover, install a counter or a long table. Finally, decorate it as per the vibe of your garden bar ideas.

Table garden bar ideas

Yes, you see that right. So, your garden bar ideas can be as simple and minimal as a table. This helps you save a lot of money. Moreover, it works perfectly for small spaces. So, for this, what you really need to take care of is the furniture. Have a sofa-set or a day-bed or something like that. When you have completed doing the set-up, simply place the table or trolley at the most convenient location. Here is your perfect little garden bar. However, this cannot serve as the only bar in your home. It can only be an extension for having some fun.

Garden bar ideas on a budget

You can have a lot of garden bar ideas that go well with your pocket. If you are looking for temporary garden bar ideas just for the summer, then you will have even more ideas. The best way to cut down on your budget is to have done it yourself or DIY garden bar ideas. You can use up the space in your garage or tool shed and turn them into beautiful garden bars. Moreover, you can recycle a lot of stuff for your garden bar ideas. You can style a potting bench or a side table and so much more. What is important is that you have imagination.

If you know the right thing to do, you can save a lot of money. There is no need to set up elaborate furniture and expensive equipment for giving shape to your garden bar ideas unless you have a lot of money and space. Or, you can simply lay bricks yourself at one corner by the wall and form a counter. So, drill some holes on the wall and attach shelves to keep things. Moreover, call an electrician to do the lighting and there it is- your garden bar! It really can be as simple as that. So, sit with your plan at first and have a vision of what exactly you want to do. Do not club up your brain with too many ideas.

If you try having a fun beach bar but also want to style your garage into a garden bar, it can be a total mess. So, make sure people at all do not notice the structure of the bar. Therefore, focus more on the accessories, lights, and the decor in general of your garden bar ideas.

Garden bar ideas accessories

If you are looking for budget-friendly garden bar ideas, you need to give special care to the accessories. This is because it is the accessories that will catch everyone’s attention and give your garden bar a unique vibe and look. If you want a minimal look, go for heavy but less glassware. Have a few bottle openers, and complement the look with some stylish hang-down lamps and a few plants.

However, you might have very raw garden bar ideas as well. Honestly speaking, these would look even better for garden bars that are meant to be cozy and warm. So, for this get a few billboards. You can have acrylic glassware for more colors. So, have plants all around and color the stall with vibrant paints. Moreover, use some ruffles, celebratory decorations, and a lot of lights to get the complete look. You can also put some paintings, photographs, and ceramic in your garden bar. This would make your garden bar ideas look very boho.

If you are planning on cocktail beach garden bar ideas, then hang down shells and rope lights and as many maritime accessories as possible. Therefore, these should give you the seaside feel that you are looking for.

Garden bar ideas out of pallets

Pallets might be very helpful to give shape to your garden bar ideas. Moreover, they are generally quite budget-friendly too. However, pallets might not be suitable if you have a particular idea in mind. It cannot suit everything. So, before you go for pallets, make sure what you are wanting to build is possible with pallets. There are general instructions with pallets. However, the process is not at all difficult. Adjust the pallets one after another via screws and tighten them. Try not to hammer nails if there is an option for screws.

However, this works well for small bars. What you can do is make a shed with pallets and then a pallet table. Here you can mix drinks and keep the glassware and everything else. So, if you are having bigger garden bar ideas, making them out of pallets would not be a wise idea. The process would take a lot of time and energy and it is unnecessary. You can go for so many other options that are more budget-friendly!

Garden bar ideas eBay

Yes, you can even buy your garden bar from eBay. Well, you do not really buy the bar. However, eBay has a huge variety of garden bar ideas. Scroll down and check what suits you the most. This saves a lot of time and you can have even more ideas from the available options. So, select the one you want to have. Therefore, you can buy all the necessary equipment from eBay. When you have got your things, you can hire a carpenter to set the garden bar up. However, this might be a little costly. But, it will be more durable and neat than DIY garden bar ideas. Moreover, you can buy the perfect accessories to suit your garden bar too from the same site.

Garden bar design

How you will design our garden bar depends on the look that you want to have. If you are looking for something airy and luxurious, get as minimal as possible. To have something striking, you can go for a signature lamp or a plant maybe. On the other hand, if you want something rustic, make the place cozy. So, have a lot of accessories and stools. Moreover, the position also matters. If you have raw garden bar ideas, place them in a corner of your garden. On the other hand, minimal garden bars must occupy the center of the garden.