10 Pretty Fall Flowers to Add Color to Your Autumn Garden

When your summer garden has faded, flower rotation and the next plants are preparing to shine. Autumn flowers are as beautiful as flowers that bloom in summer. And it is quite difficult to catch them on some cold nights and light snow. Some plants that bloom in the fall are hardy crops, so they will return yearly to give you credibility and value.

Make sure the perennial you choose can withstand winter in your USDA hardiness zone (find here), and mix it into the ground a few weeks before it freezes. Ditto for shrubs, which like to be applied in the fall when temperatures are mild, and rainfall is usually abundant.

And you need to pay attention to your plant’s water needs: Some hot and dry days in autumn can be difficult for plants, so don’t forget to provide water if it hasn’t rained. Plants in containers also dry out quickly, so you have to watch them after planting.

Are you still looking for ways to maximize your gardening efforts? Consider investing in large green shrubs you’ll thank us come winter or cover unnecessary walls or fences with fast-growing vines. Both can add up to many sidewalks without the endless garden work hours. And if your garden is limited to the yard or balcony, find plenty of inspiration for getting the most out of your space with container growers and hanging plants.

Prepare Your Garden For Autumn Flowers

The summer garden is full of bright colors, but the show doesn’t end when the warm weather fades! Parks and yards have many things to offer autumn, including beautiful flowers that have bloomed for the first hard winter. These options don’t start and end with flowers that fall for pots and containers, such as the pretty moms you include in autumn’s ceiling decorations.

Autumn landscapes can include shrubs, annuals, and perennials, which return yearly! Combine three types of plants to add structure and depth to fall gardens. This variation provides cover and food for pollinators and turns your yard into a welcoming space for guests and humans alike!

And like it or not, fall is the perfect time for fall and green bushes when temperatures are at a low peak, and there is abundant rain. Make sure the plant has enough time to take root before winter, about six weeks before the ground freezes, or usually no later than mid-November for most countries.

To give your plants a good start in life, read plant tags or descriptions and see what kind of light it takes. For example, full sun means an area gets six hours or more, while partial sun gets about half that. When selecting perennials and shrubs, ensure they can handle winters in your USDA zone of violence. Below, check out our favorite autumn flowers every gardener needs.

Pretty Fall Flowers to Add Color to Your Autumn Garden


This perennial is mainly planted because of its beautiful and saturated leaves that come in every color, from yellow to red watermelon. It is versatile and maintains the color of the leaves for barely free before spring.

Autumn Joy Sedum:

Wide varieties are delicious, but this autumn variety is best known for its upright appearance and bright pink flowers in late summer and early autumn. This eternal bloom last week, and Poppers loved it!


These large flowers come in everything from tiny buttons and balls to flowers in the form of giant dinner plates. In a warm climate, leave the tubers on the ground. But in the north, you’ll have to dig them up after storing frozen dew and store tubers again next spring.

Oakleaf Hydrangea:

Hydrangea has various forms, but only the Olf varieties have bright autumn leaves. Make sure it doesn’t cut the shrub down in autumn, or you’ll cut blooms next year because the plant blooms on what’s called Old Wood.


Sunflowers range in size from a few feet to over 10 feet! Sow seeds in late summer and spring for fall color. And yes, some species have edible seeds you can eat or share with birds.

Shrub Rose:

Shrub roses, also known as landscape roses, are hardy and reliable, and newer varieties are more resistant to disease. This beauty blooms well throughout the season, and in many types, flushes of particularly beautiful blooms are found early to mid-season.


Ma’am, or for short, come in every color of the rainbow! They are technically eternal, but they probably won’t return next spring unless you bring them to the ground long before fall. Don’t worry! They are cheap enough to be treated as annuals.

Autumn Crocus:

Of course, you know about spring crocuses. But did you know that there are species that bloom in autumn? Plant the pups in late summer and enjoy the blooms after a few weeks.


You may have seen registered sumac in some of your favorite recipes: the dried berry; this ground flower gives a sour taste, like the lemon in many savory dishes. In your garden, they are equally interesting to have around you.


They’re one of the all-time favorite flowers from Ree Drummond for some reason: The sunflower provides more interest than life in parks across the country. Even though they top in the summer, they’ll last longer in the early fall.


Perhaps the most iconic flowers in fall come in every rainbow color. They are hardy and durable, so they will come back next year if you put them in the ground early during the planting season. But autumn mums are usually annuals because the roots don’t have time to establish before winter. He is alright! Enjoy now and plant new ones next year.