6 Decorative Mirror Designs for Bathroom That Will Keep You Staring at Your Reflection

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes – from the minimalist and functional kinds you see in offices to elaborate or lighted bathroom mirror with LED lights in modern households.

If you are looking for something out of the box and more decorative to elevate your bathroom space at home, boy do we have some interesting designs for you!

Handmade Mosaic Decorative Mirror

6 Decorative Mirrors Designs for Bathroom

Looking to add a touch of art décor into your bathroom space? This is the perfect mirror to do so! Individually pieced together in a unique handmade mosaic design, this statement piece is bound to get you plenty of compliments.

Measuring in at 31 ½ inches (length and width), this interesting, shaped mirror is perfect for capturing all the light in the bathroom. Weighing only 25 lbs, it can easily be mounted on a wall above the sink or vanity.

Coins in the Fountain – Round & Rectangle

6 Decorative Mirrors Designs for Bathroom

We think it resembles bubbles! How fitting for a mirror that can easily double up as an artwork in a typically boring space like the bathroom!

The unique intermixing of different toned glass gives it a modern contemporary feel. Yet, this ornate mirror design would easily complement a luxurious bathroom setting or deliver a surprising effect in a minimalist design.

This design comes in two different shapes: Round & Rectangle

The Round measures in at 35 ½ and 40 ½ inches while the rectangle measures in at 35 ½ and 27 ½ inches.
Both would fit well in most bathrooms perhaps except the tiniest of spaces. Weighing in at 25 lbs, both are considered pretty lightweight for their size and easily installable.

The Rising Sun

The Rising Sun

How apt to be greeted by a burst of sunshine in the morning as you head to the bathroom to start your day?

The Rising Sun sunburst mirror design was inspired by sunlight that gives life to all! With its meaningful and elaborate design, any bathroom space can be easily transformed with the addition of this unique piece.

Measuring in at 31 ½ inches (length and width) – a perfect round shape, this sunburst shaped that acts as the “sun” in bouncing off more lighted bathroom mirror and bringing more light into the interior space. Looks may be deceiving, while it may look hefty; it only weighs an average of 25 lbs and can be easily mounted on the bathroom wall.



Looking for a twist on the traditional framed mirrors? The ONYX is a good choice. With an intricately crafted frame with special stone insets outlining the mirror, it is definitely something you do not see often!

This special silhouette will definitely add some personality to the room!

A common shape with an uncommon frame, this mirror measures 40 and 32 inches and weighs 30 lbs. Perfect to give a subtle uplift to any space!

The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons

The radial design of the Four Seasons mimics the sundial and passing of seasons in life! What a story to share with your guests!

Influenced by antique design elements, this decorative mirror would fit well in interior designs with more Victorian or mature influences.

If you are looking for a round mirror with a unique design, this 31 ½ diameter mirror is a perfect candidate. Weighing in at 25lbs, it’s not nearly as heavy as elaborate designs like this tend to look!

The Union

Looking for a traditionally shaped rectangle mirror with a uniquely designed frame that can stand out in any space?

The Union is definitely a statement piece that will get your guests talking! With decorative interlocking circles that go around the frame creating a special intricate design, the soft and rounded edges add a subtle interesting feature to an ordinary mirror!

Measuring in at 25 ½ and 27 ½ inches, it is one of the smaller mirrors in this collection. So, you can consider it if you have less space in the bathroom to play around with!

Functional Mirrors for the Bathroom – Mirror Cabinets

If decorative mirrors aren’t your cup of tea and you are hoping for some added functionality to fully maximize your small bathroom space, then perhaps you can consider mirror cabinets!

They come in varying permutations and with different add-ons for your needs:

  • LED Mirror Cabinets with Side Shelving
  • LED Mirror Cabinets with Adjustable Shelving & Towel Bars
  • Mirror Cabinet for Jewellery and Cosmetic Storage

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