Bedroom Design Tips That’ll Modernize Your Space Instantly

Is your bedroom feeling drab and uninviting? Are you looking for ways to transform your room into a more modern and tranquil retreat? Are you inspired by the clean lines and simplicity of the modern style but worry that it will feel cold and uninviting? Contrary to popular belief, a modern bedroom doesn’t have to feel unwelcoming. You can actually create a beautiful and inviting room using the elements of modern interior design. Keep reading for some bedroom design tips to help you create the modern bedroom of your dreams!

Bedroom Design Tips that Exude Modernism

When redecorating your bedroom, look for inspiration from both classic and trendy interior design.

For a modern bedroom makeover, look to incorporate clean lines, natural light and materials, and a simple, open design. Utilize the architectural elements in a room as much as possible.

Architectural Elements

First and foremost, when designing a modern bedroom, look at the architectural elements that are already there. Accentuate concrete or brick walls, wood floors, unique doorways, or windowsills.


Lighting is an important element to help a room feel cozy and relaxing. Take advantage of natural light as much as possible. Replace heavy curtains with simple, elegant blinds. Supplement with small lamps to create pockets of extra light where it’s needed.

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Keep the lines clean and simple with recessed lighting. Using the ceiling to hold fixtures creates more space in the room. Integrate beside lighting with sconces that mount to the wall or headboard. Use clear glass lamps and bulbs, so the lamps blend into the look of the room.

Natural Materials and Textiles

Wood is one of the most impactful natural materials to use in your bedroom. It adds warmth to the room and imparts a sense of clean lines. Wood offers a clean, cozy, and inviting atmosphere.

This same concept also applies to the textiles in your room. When selecting your bedding, floor rugs, or drapery, look for natural fibers like cotton, linen, and silk. Wool and bamboo are also great choices to add a luxurious and comforting feel to a room.


Color is an easy way to immediately change the look and feel of a room. Look for colors that are serene and relaxing. Your bedroom should be a relaxing retreat, so avoid bright or emerging colors that will be invigorating or exciting.

The key is to create an almost monochromatic color scheme with hints of accent colors. Add color to a single accent wall or your bedding and pillows.

Popular choices for a room’s main color are white or grey. See examples of how to use grey in a bedroom at


Reduce the clutter in your room to keep a light, airy and open feel. The modern style embraces more of a minimalistic approach. Use hidden storage to keep everything you need nearby but out of sight. Eliminate anything that you don’t use regularly.

Design an Inviting Modern Style Bedroom

Use these bedroom design tips to create a bedroom style that is stylish and welcoming. Having a modern bedroom doesn’t have to feel cold or rigid. You can use soft lighting, warm natural colors, and cozy materials to create a relaxing space you enjoy.

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