Debunking the Most Common Furniture Myths That Exist Today

Myths and misconceptions are nothing new to us. Due to the ease of obtaining information online, people are easily misled by incorrect information. Unless we perform due diligence and fact-check what we read, we may fall victim to the myths.

Even the furniture business has its fair share of myths and misconceptions. The furniture myths cause misunderstandings, affecting the homeowner’s judgment when renovating their houses. Is expensive furniture more valuable, and does it reflect high quality?

Is it possible to achieve both outstanding design and good quality? If in the same situation, let us dispel some common furniture myths.

You Get Good Design or Great Quality, Not Both

There are various crucial factors to consider when purchasing furniture. They include durability, aesthetic value, usefulness, and price. If you wonder if costly furniture is worth it, here’s some good news.

Excellent design, high quality, and a reasonable price tag are no longer incompatible. Due to the available resources today, high-quality furniture is now very affordable. The furniture-makers also find it cost-effective.

It translates to affordable furnishing, visually beautiful and durable, all in one package. You won’t have to put up with low-cost yet old-looking furnishings for your restaurant or bar. However, certain brands indeed invest more effort than others.

Avoid Furniture With Plywood

When you hear the word plywood, you may start thinking of a low-quality product. Plywood may not be a hardwood like walnut or cherry, but it is still wood. It also has a place in furnishings.

Plywood is never warped or cracked, so most bookcases use it for shelving. It prevents the shelves from buckling. Furthermore, dressers or nightstands use plywood on side panels to prevent cracking.

High-quality wood furniture involves both the material and the manufacture. Using plywood to avoid breaking doesn’t make it inferior. It indicates using the correct wood in suitable locations to build the highest quality furniture.

Buy Furniture During Holiday Sale Seasons

Having sales or promotions over the holidays is never a uniform norm for the furniture industry. Due to customer behavior, it’s customary to see furniture sales taking place throughout the year. Moreover, sales are no longer restricted to physical showrooms.

Shops are giving online sales as consumers now prefer purchasing furniture online in the comfort of their homes. If you want to buy furniture, watch for special offers from your favorite furniture store.

Don’t Spend Money on Furniture if You Have Kids

Most people feel that they should avoid purchasing costly home furnishing if they have small kids. They are afraid that their children’s fun and inquisitiveness will damage the furniture. As a result, parents tend to buy less expensive furnishings.

However, high-quality furnishings are made to last and withstand your family life. Investing in the best furniture now saves you money in the long run. Low-cost manufactured furniture quickly spoils.

They will need frequent replacement, which will be more expensive.

Your Furniture Pieces Need to Match

Nothing prevents you from matching your furnishings. However, no regulation requires you to do so. Most interior designers encourage the old advice.

Yet, modern furniture trends have adopted a more playful approach to color. The current trends promote variety when selecting the design and color palette for your furniture. The emphasis is on personal choice and displaying your distinct sense of home décor.

Buying Old Furniture Eliminates the Worry of Outgassing Chemicals

The myth is somehow correct; however, it depends on the types of furniture and storage. Older solid wood furniture is not likely to create air quality problems even if initially treated with chemicals. Still, they may need a wipe down or sun exposure to refresh and outgas odors accumulated over time.

Glues and fabric treatments in an old couch release pollutants and dust that worsen your indoor air quality. Moreover, furniture with a long history may hold molds. Purchasing old wood furnishings help you prevent introducing toxins in your house.

However, it would be best if you avoided them.

Performance Fabrics Are Invincible

Performance fabrics are an excellent choice for durability and stain resistance. Yet, even the most durable and easy to clean materials can spoil. Fabric maintenance is vital even with a performance fabric.

Also, be mindful of what you can and cannot use as fabric. Don’t use a water-based cleaning product for a material requiring a solvent-based cleaning product.

Keeping up With Fast-Changing Furniture Trends Is Impossible

Different people have different choices for pieces of furniture. Some prefer classic pieces and others the trendier ones. You’ll never have to worry about losing out on the latest fashionable furniture since The Furniture Mall has it all.

They have a diverse assortment of furniture and give you the most fun and best furniture shopping experience.

It’s Easy to Refill Cushions

If you have a worn-out couch, you’ve probably considered having the cushion refilled. However, it is not always that straightforward. You may get different composition when trying to replace the cushion.

Leave alone the difficulties of inserting the cushion into the enclosure. Replacing cushions with new ones is always the best option. A local upholsterer will examine the upholstery and make a cushion to fit it.

But if all that seems too much effort and costly, then it’s time to replace your sofa.

Ignore Furniture Myths to Have Peace of Mind

When buying new furniture, myths and misconceptions may affect your selection. Knowing the truth helps you decide which pieces of furniture to buy. With all these furniture myths debunked, you can go ahead and purchase your furniture worry-free.

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