6 Common Mistakes in Home Renovations and How to Avoid Them

Spending on home renovations increased by 15% from 2020 to 2021 in the US. Though the worst of the pandemic lockdowns is over (knock on wood), homeowners still want both indoor and outdoor renovations.

After all, you might be working from home or unable to travel to certain places for a while yet. Your home may as well be as comfortable and cozy as possible in the meantime, right?

But so many people have never undertaken huge home projects before and are making many mistakes in home renovations. If you’re also conscious of fudging up your upcoming renovations, after reading this list, you’ll know what to avoid!

1. Forgetting To Make a Budget

Think back to every home design, build, or renovation reality show you’ve ever watched. How often do contestants finish their home renovation under budget? Very, very few!

One of the most common mistakes in home renovations is to not create an accurate, realistic budget that allows for setbacks. Making your home beautiful is not worth going into debt. And if you don’t create a home renovation budget, you might not even be able to finish your project at all.

2. Not Applying for Permits

Are you undertaking a huge project, so much so that you need to hire a home renovation contractor? You might need to apply for a permit and hire special equipment.

Your contractor should know what jobs don’t or do need a permit. They should also be able to tell you if you need heavy-duty home renovation equipment like scaffolding or cranes. But it always helps to learn more yourself, so you are even more likely to avoid pitfalls.

3. Taking Inaccurate Measurements

Is that wall around 10 meters long or is it 10.6 meters? Taking inaccurate measurements can result in you ordering the wrong amount of paint, carpet, or any building material! Always double-check and be exact so you don’t create delays.

4. Choosing the Cheapest Materials

Speaking of materials, when getting an expensive renovation, it’s tempting to use cheaper materials to cut costs. They might look the same as the better materials for a year or two, but they never stand the test of time which costs you more in the long run. Save enough and splurge on only the best wood, tiles, and fixtures.

5. Too Many Renovations at Once

Do you want to renovate your kitchen and bathroom? Great! But if you renovate them both at once, where are you going to get water?

Space out your renovations and have a logistical mindset. Don’t renovate similar spaces at once, or else your whole family will be living in one bedroom for months.

6. Not Allowing for Delays

Not only do you need to allow for going over budget, but you also need to allow for going over schedule. Don’t plan a renovation right before a holiday or a big event at your home. Leave ample time for unexpected delays so your home looks beautiful for those special occasions.

Don’t Make These Mistakes in Home Renovations

Many home renovations cost a few thousand dollars and often take months to complete. They can be expensive and stressful! But now you know the common mistakes in home renovations to avoid, you will no doubt complete your renovations and be able to enjoy the results.

Now you know what not to do, you’ll need some advice and ideas for what you should do for your home renovation project! Lucky for you, our website has tons of articles to help you out.