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Clock Table Lamp: We all probably know what a sundial is. It has been famous since ancient times. So, the sundial was a kind of clock. Depending on where the Sun’s ray must strike, you get to know the time. Therefore, it formed a horizontal surface and people mostly placed them in their gardens. Now, imagine a modern version of the same. Obviously, people cannot keep sundials in their homes any longer. However, a clock table is just as amazing a device. It too comes in a horizontal shape. It is called a table because the clock is embedded into the table frame.

Clock Table Lamp

So, the definition of a clock table is an early clock that comes with a horizontal dial. The mainspring drives it. A clock table works just how a normal analog clock does. The only difference is while your wall clock has a vertical dial, a clock table has a horizontal dial. However, that hardly makes any difference in their functioning. A clock table is generally an antique piece of furniture. Therefore, it might not be very affordable every time. You do not find these everywhere today. They are rare and can give a statement to your furniture set in your house or your apartment.

Clock Table and Table Clock

However, it is indeed very important to remember that a clock table and a table clock are not the same things. Most people confuse them which does make sense because both of them sound so similar. However, you shift one word and you are talking of an entirely different device. Table clocks are small clocks that you keep on tables. So, you might keep them on your study table, or on your bedside table for ringing the alarm. You can even keep one on the coffee table of your drawing room as a showpiece. However, it definitely is not a clock table which is practically a table in itself. To put it crudely, a table clock is a device that you can even put on a clock table. In the following sections, we will know more about a clock table.

Clock Table Lamp

Clock Table Lamp

Lamps are a statement piece in all of our drawing rooms. A small number of lamps here and there can illuminate the space and make it look gorgeous. So, when you are having expensive furniture, you may want to add some lamps too. Now, a clock table definitely is not a very ordinary piece of furniture. You can couple it up with a lamp. Moreover, you can place the lamp in a way that does not block the clock entirely. That way it would both look gorgeous, you can use the table and the clock works too. So, you can see the time.

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However, a clock table lamp essentially has got nothing to do with a clock table. It is just a table clock and a table lamp brought together. So, they are more like a table clock with a lamp. These clocks can be analog or digital. So, the lamp too can be inbuilt LED lamps or you might need to use a bulb or CFL from outside. However, you can keep something like this on your clock table to illuminate it.

Clock Table Lamp

Clock Table Numbers for wedding

A clock table might be used just for decorative purposes too. So, what I mean is it may not at all given the time. You can do it yourself for its aesthetics. This is because it just looks grand, striking, and very unique. Now, there have been various American weddings, especially those in Malibu that have used a clock tower for a table number. You might need to be very rich to afford an extremely luxurious wedding where you use a clock table to assign a table number to your guests. So, it definitely is going to be gorgeous and very aesthetically pleasing, but even renting so many of them might cost you a fortune.

However, event managers often DIY it. DIY means Do It Yourself. So, there is just an ordinary table. They may draw a false clock or paste one that they have drawn or embroidered from before on top of it, or they may just keep a real clock making the table only symbolic. Guests are definitely going to remember such a table clock always.

Clock Table Lamp

Clock Table Furniture village

As we have already seen, a clock table is not an everyday piece of furniture. It is antique. So, you may not just walk into a regular furniture store and find it. On the other hand, if you are not someone who collects antique stuff, shopping from an antique shop may get very difficult. So, firstly it is very overwhelming for there are various things. Significantly they might be very costly because antiques generally have historic lineages for which you basically have to pay. However, the thing is if you are not interested in buying a particular clock table, then why should you spend that much?

Online sites have made our lives very easy. So, you do not either need to go to a local furniture shop or an antique shop to find a clock table anymore. You can find them online! However, since a clock table is a rare item you might not be able to find it everywhere. A site that I would recommend is Furniture Village. They have a wide range of beautiful clock tables. Moreover, they give you a handsome discount on your first purchase! In Furniture Village, you can find wood or a metal clock table. You can also find very antique and vintage items. However, these look vintage. They might actually not be vintage. But again, as long as you are only concerned with the look, it must not matter to you at all. This is because the table is there, the clock works and it looks gorgeous.

So you can go through the models and check the prices. Prices vary with models. However, in general, they will be more affordable than what you find in antique shops.

Clock Table Lamp

Clock Tables Grandfather Clock

Finding a clock table is very difficult. Moreover, the site may be country-specific. However, another site I would highly recommend is the Grandfather Clock Co. Once you click on their website, amongst various kinds of clocks, you will find a clock table or two as well. Moreover, they provide you with free shipping! However, they might not be as vintage in look as the ones in Furniture Village. They look simple and beautiful, like coffee tables. They have a glass top. Here too, you can see the models of the clock table available, go through the prices and select the most suitable one!

Clock Table Gold

Clock Table Lamp

So, these are again just a kind of clock table. We often find very ornate table clocks. They are heavy, with a lot of stones. So, they generally have a rose gold or yellow gold rim and dial. These give them all together with a very royal look. Now, that is possible a clock table too. They too can have a golden rim or a golden dial. What one can question is that, in certain wristwatches or table clocks, companies use real gold for the rim. They may also plate the dial with gold. These, obviously, therefore are very costly.

However, even on a clock table, one can find real gold. It is very understandable that you cannot buy one unless you are interested in investing that much. However, it is old furniture. Feuds and Dukes and the rich of earlier days used to have that kind of money. They could afford tables plated with gold. So, you might chance on them in an antique shop or as a family heirloom. It is nothing unnatural. A clock table, at the end of the day, is just a clock.

Clock Table Radio

 A clock table radio again has got essentially nothing to do with a clock table in particular. It is more like a clock table lamp. It is because of these extreme similarities in names that users and buyers often get confused about what to buy and what they are actually looking for. Hence, we have created these to let you know what are the differences between the two. This would give you an easier understanding of things. So, a clock table radio again is just a table clock. It might have a radio attached to it. So, you do not have to use your old crackling radio anymore. Moreover, it looks fancy. Such a clock table radio may also come with a lamp. Therefore, the thing is gorgeous but might not be very helpful for your clock table.

Clock Table Howard miller

As I already said, shopping for a clock table might get very tricky. People and sites tend to misinterpret. The internet can divert you to table clocks all the time. Howard Miller is a brand we all look up to when it comes to clocks. So, it is a very old brand and they make the best of table and wall clocks. Original Howard Miller clocks might be costly but they simply surpass everyone else in quality. Moreover, what you need to keep in mind is that Howard Miller is famous for clock tables as well.

It is very exciting  especially for those who love the brand. But make sure what you are buying is an original Howard Miller and not a copy. However, a clock table is really an old thing and not many people use them. So, finding any branded clock table for that matter can be very challenging. Moreover, since it is just decorative furniture, you do not need a good brand. It is obvious that you will not be reading time out of it. We all have wall and table clocks in our homes.

Clock Side Tables

So, they come in various designs as well as sizes. Such a table might be large, or small, or medium in size. Moreover, it may have a total wooden finish. It can also be more glass and metal. It can be metal and wood. Clock tables can also have wood and glass as their constituents. There are various combinations of a clock table that are available. So, you need to think of two things. Firstly, the decor of the place where you want to put it. It is obvious that your clock table must create a statement. However, you should remember that it must not look misfitting or out of place. That kills the entire taste of the room.

Secondly, you must keep in mind for what reason you are buying the table. The purpose is important because depending on it you need to choose the size. This is because you cannot come home with a large table and struggle to fit it in a small space.

Large Clock Tables

So, these are large clock tables with a wide surface area. Therefore the dial is very big. It might be circular or elliptical. There is often a layer underneath the dial where you can keep heavier things. Such a table will generally come with a wooden frame. The wood quality has to be very good because it has to hold the clock. And, the cock is really very heavy. Makers generally use wood from trees like Sheesham. So, such a large and heavy clock table would be perfect for your drawing room. You can keep it right at the center of your drawing room, in between your sofa set. So, in that way, it becomes very attractive to anyone who comes to your home. Not just that, you can actually use it as a center table for keeping things other than showpieces.

Small Clock Tables

However, if you want a clock table as your bedside table, a large one is just not the thing. Firstly, you cannot fit such a huge thing at your bedside. Secondly, even if you can fit considering you have an airy room, it will look very ugly. So, if you are looking for a bedside one, make sure you buy a small one. This should easily fit in with other furniture, and the wall. Therefore, you may want to choose something like a small coffee table.

It can have metallic stands and a circular dial with a glass covering. So, you can use the top as a table for keeping your light essentials, like a watch or a cream. Moreover, you can keep things like paper or things like that on the stand. Moreover, the structure of a metallic stand is such that it uses a minimum area. So, your bedside clock table overall occupies a small space in the room altogether.